Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Cream of Curry Chicken (Coronation Chicken 2) A mild yellow curry that both kids and adults will all love! - Enjoy!

This one does not have any wine or cream added and is just as delish as the other I have posted! – See very bottom of page for recipe source.

Should have made veg – Carrots, peas, gems and or squash will go lovely with this dish.

Serves: 4 – Total calories of recipe: 4,983 – Total weight of recipe: 2.311 kg
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86 g butter
2 onions, (medium) diced
800 g chicken fillets, sliced
400 g rice
250 g (250 ml) mayonnaise
20 g (20 ml) apricot jam, smooth
10 g (10 ml) lemon juice, freshly squeezed
60 g cream of chicken soup, powder (1 packet)
15 – 20 ml curry powder (Cartwrights or Rajah medium curry powder)
250 ml milk, full cream
3 ml mixed herbs, dried
salt to taste
1.2 ml cayenne pepper to taste (Optional) – If you want a touch heat [157468]
1 tablespoon mustard seeds, finely ground in coffee grinder
1 garlic clove, crushed
60 ml water or as needed

Add the rice to steam in pot or sealed microwave container, covered with 2 – 3 parts
water. Steam 20 minutes on high in 1000 watt microwave or in pot one stove. If doing on
stove, once rice is cooked but not overcooked – Empty into sieve or colander and place
over pot containing steaming water. Cover rice in colander with dinner plate until needed.

Make up the sauce:
Crush garlic clove with a bit of salt into microsafe bowl. To garlic in microsafe bowl, add soup powder together with the mustard and curry powder. Stir in the milk gradually until smooth. Place in microwave and warm it up until hot. Stir in the mayonnaise, apricot jam, lemon juice and the mixed herbs. Set aside.
Add butter to pan and dissolve without burning. Once dissolved, add chopped onions.
Saute until translucent. Turn up the heat and quickly add the diced chicken pieces. Stir-fry, Season with a bit of salt and just a sprinkling cayenne pepper if you want a bit of heat and continue stir-frying until chicken is just cooked through and then lower the heat to a gentle simmer.
Add your sauce to pan. Warm through, adjust seasoning and serve over rice or with veggies like carrots, peas and gems (squash).