Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Greek Lemon Chicken and Oven Roasted Potatoes are Addictive!

Extremely Addictive! – You won’t stop eating on these! – That I Promise! – Don’t expect leftovers! – You'd better make Lots!😉

Potatoes NEVER soften if you add salt but I decided to follow Chef John’s method and to my surprise they did soften – Which has never happened before! There has to be some scientific explanation as to why they soften when adding all the lemon juice. It must be the citric acid.
  • To get more flavour into your chicken, gently slip your hand under the skin and push in herb mixture and then gently pull skin back into position without tearing it.
  • Strain fat from remaining chicken juices and refrigerate for use in cooking or frying.
  • Reduce stock until thickened and pour over chicken and potatoes or use it in your gravy to make the most delicious pork bangers and mash the following evening – which is what I do or for chops and gravy.
  • If you wish you may slash chicken and rub in all seasonings adding lemon together with oil and marinate refrigerated overnight.
Important Notes:
Lay your chicken skin side up on top of your potatoes. The potatoes will act as a rack.
If you are using frozen or brined chicken – make sure they have completely defrosted and are well drained or you will have your chicken swimming in liquid at the end.
If you want to speed things up – par cook your potatoes (pre-steam 12 minutes in 1000 watt microwave steamer on high) before adding them to your roasting pan.
For extra flavor and tenderness you may marinate your chicken in the below mixture (excluding potatoes) for at least an hour before cooking.

Per  649 g serving: 1,157 Calories       Total Calories of recipe: 4,627        
Total weight of recipe: 2 596 g             Servings: 4         
If you are counting calories just copy paste my below ingredient list into caloriecount.comand alter to suit your own measurements and don’t forget to weigh your portion of food because if you don’t I promise! –  You will get FAT!!

Ingredients: (These were my ingredients)
1.478kg potatoes, washed and peeled
1.692kg Whole chicken, skin on (bone in) Chicken thighs and legs work well for this dish
125 ml (100 g) olive or sunflower oil (Next I will try leftover chicken fats)
125 ml lemon juice, fresh (about 4 – 5 med lemons with thin skin)
1 tablespoon salt, to taste (kosher or normal)
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 tsp dried rosemary
1 tablespoon dried oregano, rounded
pinch cayenne pepper
6 cloves of garlic, finely minced (fresh)
2/3 cup water or chicken broth for the pan, plus a splash to deglaze after roasting
30 ml fresh oregano, chopped to garnish

Place chicken pieces in a bowl. Add in seasonings. Pour over freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil or any other oil you have if don’t have olive oil. In lightly oiled large roasting pan, add peeled quartered russet potatoes. Once everything is in give it all a thorough mixing with your hands. Place chicken on bottom, skin side up surrounded by potatoes. Drizzle with 125 ml (1/2 cup) chicken broth or water (I just use water). This will prevent the lemon and the garlic from burning onto the pan. Transfer to a 425°F or 218 °C oven for about 45 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. After 20 minutes remove pan and give all a good toss keeping skin side of the chicken facing up. You many do this around 4 times or so during the cooking procedure. Pop back into oven and cook until chicken is beautifully browned and cooked through. Once chicken is done transfer it to a separate pan and turn up the heat, giving the potatoes a further toss in the sauce and allowing them to broil a few minutes more in oven for that extra crustiness. Not only will it give your potatoes the extra added crustiness but it will caramelize all that delicious goodness in the bottom of your pan which of course will be utilized. At this point you may add your perfectly roasted potatoes to your chicken pieces and finish it off by adding a good  splash of water to your chicken broth in your roasting pan and keeping the heat on medium to just sort of loosen up and dissolve all that crusty goodness which you may then strain and spoon over your chicken and potatoes or keep for delish Bangers and Mash is what I always do – Makes the bestest bangers and mash!  or even as a gravy for chops.
Taste for seasoning adding a little more salt if needed. Once done just strain or spoon it over your platter of chicken and potatoes. Garnish with freshly chopped oregano if you have – Serve and enjoy!

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