Saturday, 28 May 2016

Beef Bourguignon (Burgundy) Cottage Pie – Absolutely Drop Dead Delicious !!

Extra Special if topped with a Cheese Crumb Topping! – Just grate Melba Toast with some Cheddar Cheese – mix and sprinkle over top of mash. Place under grill until a golden crispy brown. Yum!:)

It was lovely with the grated nutmeg, cream & parmesan topping. I had run out of my usual melba toasted cheese crumb topping.

Total weight of whole recipe: 5,750 g Total Calories in whole recipe: 5,927
Servings: 8 Calories per (719 g) portion: 698
Nutrition FactsServing Size 5600 g Amount Per ServingCalories 5,683Calories from Fat 1700% Daily Value*Total Fat 188.9g291%Saturated Fat 98.5g493%Trans Fat 0.0gCholesterol 1403mg468%Sodium 9102mg379%Potassium 16001mg457%Total Carbohydrates 480.1g160%Dietary Fiber 102.1g408%Sugars 129.1gProtein 458.7gVitamin A 5317%•Vitamin C 803%Calcium 182%•Iron 1454%Nutrition Grade B* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Nutritional Analysis

Notes: You may add a little chili or cayenne if you like a bit of a bite in your dish (I usually add a little cayenne or chili). Mushrooms are optional. You may add a little hot milk to your mash if you wish. The added pumpkin bumps up the nutrient density of this dish and is an added bonus when you are trying to lose weight. The more nutrient dense your food – the less likely you will be to over eat.

Tip: Never exceed the 50 percent pumpkin ratio to the potatoes or you will spoil the dish. Pumpkin may be replaced with any other squash or even sweet potato in the same ratio.

You may replace the pumpkin with hubbard or even butternut squash which too, add a boost to nutrients.


30 ml oil (28g)
1.2 kg beef, Topside mince
10 garlic cloves
3 onions, large
20 g Beef Boullion, cubes [313364] (2 stock cubes)
45 g Soup, Beef Soup Powder (I use Knorr brand beef & onion soup powder)
1 teaspoon thyme, dried
1 teaspoon Rosemary, dried
1 teaspoon marjoram, dried
1 teaspoon black pepper, freshly ground
2.5 ml bay leaves, crushed
1.25 ml Allspice, added to mince
375 ml wine, dry red (Optional) I used Tassenberg
15 ml Worcestershire sauce or to taste
122 ml water
4.8 large carrots, peeled (steamed) and finely diced
2 cups (500 ml) peas, frozen
salt to taste
1.3 kg potatoes, mashed
1.3 kg pumpkin, cooked (drained) *May be replaced with potatoes*
Salt, to lightly salt mash
2.5 ml White Pepper, to season mash
2.5 ml Nutmeg, finely grated (Half a whole nutmeg)
52 g butter
210 g (210 ml) Fresh Cream
Salt to taste
80 g parmesan, finely grated


In a microwave safe, sealed container, steam pumpkin dry. Do not add water. Keep pumpkin pieces upside down (Skin side facing up), water will drain out while it cooks. When pumpkin is fork tender, add to sieve or colander to drain. Remove skin and discard water or reserve to add to soups, etc.
To food processor bowl, add whole garlic cloves on the bottom with roughly chopped onions on top. Close and pulse until finely chopped.
Add oil to pot. Add the garlic together with the onions and simmer 5 – 10 minutes until softened. Turn the heat to low and add the mince. Mash it with potato masher until it becomes fine and crumbly. Simmer for about 5 – 10 minutes stirring, until it just begins brown. Add your balance of ingredients, excluding the butter, nutmeg, pumpkin, potatoes, white pepper, parmesan and cream. Rinse out your food processor bowl with about 122 ml of the water, adding this to your meat mixture. Allow to simmer on very low, covered.
Peel your potatoes (You may leave the skins on for extra nutrients). Steam or cook them until they are fork tender and mash them together with your reheated pumpkin that has been drained. Mash all together with butter, freshly grated nutmeg, white pepper and just a light sprinkling of salt to taste. Do not over salt your mash, as your meat mixture will do the trick.
Peel and steam carrots until fork tender and then dice finely. Add your peas and carrots to your meat mixture.
In the bottom of a large 5 liter wok or roasting pan, layer half your mash, followed by all of your meat mixture. Top it off with the rest of your mash. Sprinkle over the parmesan, lightly salt and whilst pouring over the cream, blend it all nicely together with a fork to cover the entire surface.
Bake 180 C oven or until done.
This is my own creation.

It just filled my 5 liter wok. I baked it from underneath on very low. Too high and it will bubble up from underneath ruining the surface. On the inner lip of my wok I placed the metal collar that came with my Logik Oven (It sadly does not come with it anymore) to raise the element head, onto which I placed the element head to create the oven effect.

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