Monday, 2 May 2016

How to make Homemade Icing or Powdered Sugar

Total Calories: 776
Total Weight: 207 g
Ingredients: (Makes 1 cup)
1 cup white sugar, granulated  (ordinary table sugar)
1 tablespoon of cornflour / cornstarch ( I use my coffee grinder)
Place the sugar in a coffee grinder or a suitable blender with similar blades to that of a coffee grinder and pulse until sugar becomes a very fine powder. Don’t just put the blender on high and leave it for a minute as the heat generated by the blades will overheat the sugar. Pulsing for a few seconds and then check the sugar and pulse again will prevent the sugar from becoming overheated.
Once your sugar is of a fine consistency, place a tablespoon cornstarch into the blender and pulse for a few more seconds to mix thoroughly. Never be tempted to add the cornstarch to the sugar at the beginning because you will generate unwanted heat which will prevent the sugar from powdering.

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