Thursday, 26 May 2016

Stabilized Whipped Cream - How To Stabilize Whipped Cream using a Box of Vanilla Pudding Powder

This is Especially for Dessert and Creams of Light Pouring Consistency or if dessert is to be standing on tables at functions etc.. Which will prevent it from weeping.

522 g cream
12 g vanilla instant pudding powder (Moir's in South Africa)

Chill beaters and cream in fridge or freezer overnight.
Whip cream until doubled in volume. Only when cream has doubled place on scale and sprinkle on 12 g of instant vanilla pudding powder. 

Whip just until you just notice it begins to thicken and then stop. Do not whip any further or it will begin to deflate. 
Never add the pudding powder to cream until it has reached double its volume or it will be dense, heavy and you will never be able to whip 
air into it. - Enjoy!

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