Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Late Granny Sybil's Roast Top Leg of Venison with Pepper Sauce - Mmm.. Delish!

She was very well-known for this lovely dish of hers and would cook it during game season.

Top Leg or any leg cut of Venison. She says it really doesn’t matter.
This recipe comes from my daughter’s late granny Sybil and was given to me as was scribbled down.
When I last made this a 2 kg leg of venison took me 2.5 hours to roast but you may calculate 30 minutes per 500 g.
Note: Venison (Game) is a very dry meat hence the extra fats that
need to be added.Put in Roasting pan with lid
Water (add only a sprinkle as needed “if needed”)
500 ml Dry white wine
250 g Wholesum fat (solid white lard or fat in block form)
1. Cut slits in the leg and take halved cloves of garlic rolled in
streaky bacon and stick into slits.
2. Roast at 160 C in oven covered with lid
Pepper Sauce:
Add butter together with garlic and salt to pot on stove.
When butter is melted add mushrooms. Butter must cover
Cook mushrooms for a short while and grind in some black pepper.
On low heat add 30 ml flour to hot sizzling butter and mix to form a roux until cooked.
Add 500 ml cream whilst stirring continuously.
Serve with veggies of choice and enjoy!

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