Monday, 4 July 2016

Curried 3 Bean Salad – My late Mother’s. Delish! Goes with just about anything!

A lovely salad to serve at a braai or barbecue! – A salad we always enjoyed growing up at braais in South Africa and I’m sure you will too! 😉

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Curried 3 Bean Salad was delish!! Took me back…. I used red peppers and red onions, olive oil and 30 grams sugar!🙂

Curried Three Bean Salad

This is a recipe my late mother made a lot, based on the 

popular 3 bean salad using 3 cans of different beans.

In this version I have reduced amount of sugar considerably 

& spiked the dressing with curry powder. 

This salad needs to be thoroughly chilled. So if possible make 

it the day before required. My sister, Debbie usually adds fresh (or dried) basil to hers.


410 g can butter beans

410 g can baked beans

410 g can green beans

1 onion, thinly sliced into rings 1 green pepper, seeded & cut into strips

1 stalk table celery, thinly sliced


Empty into colander your butter beans, baked beans & green beans. 

Rinse well & drain. Mix the 3 lots of drained beans with the 

onion rings, green pepper and celery.


125 ml oil

100 ml brown vinegar

50 ml sugar

2 ml salt

10 ml mild Rajah curry powder or more to taste

5 ml ground coriander (optional) I doubt my mother added it.


Combine together veggies under ingredients list & dressing in a large glass salad bowl, not metallic or it will 

react with the acid in the vinegar! Cover with cling-wrap and 

chill for 24 hours, giving it the occasional stir.

– Enjoy!

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