Thursday, 20 October 2016

Best Pumpkin or Butternut Fritters Ever! OR Yorkshire Pudding Replacement with Vanilla Pudding mixture, Coffee Creamer, a dash Nutmeg and Caramel Essence. Enjoy!

Pumpkin or Butternut Fritters are absolutely Divine! Lovely replacement for Yorkshire Pudding for Sunday Roasts or enjoy simply just as is! ;)

Broken open that’s what they should look like – These were made with butternut. The one’s below were made with pumpkin.
250 g (1 cup) cooked pumpkin or butternut, mashed and well-drained
2 eggs, large
125 g (250 ml) 1 cup cake flour
12 g vanilla pudding powder (Moir’s in South Africa) or 15 ml sugar
Pinch of salt (2 g)
2.5 ml (1/2 tsp) ground cinnamon or nutmeg (optional)
6 g (7.5 ml) baking powder or 5 ml baking powder + 2.5 ml baking soda
5 ml (1 tsp) lemon juice
2.5 ml caramel essence (optional)
Oil or Schmaltz for frying – Lovely if you have some😉
Cinnamon sugar to serve (optional)

I made these with 5 ml baking powder and 2.5 ml bicarbonate of soda as pumpkin is acidic it does need baking soda but it can be left out as it is an ingredient in baking powder. To these I never added vanilla pudding powder.

To these I added Vanilla Pudding powder and WOW! It does really give it an upgrade!

You may play around with this recipe by adding coffee creamer (Cremora or Ellis Brown in South Africa), a dash Nutmeg and or Caramel Essence to taste.
The only way to make the best pumpkin fritters is to drain your pumpkin very well in a pillow case lined sieve through both layers of fabric. Find yourself a spare pillowcase and drain it at least 8 hours or overnight so that you have a very-very thick pumpkin puree. Whatever you do, do NOT use the Moir’s boxed “caramel pudding” (South Africa) as it is not suited to this recipe. Deep or shallow fry them at 160 – 180 C (320 – 356 F) or however you wish but do not make in cupcake machine as it does not set properly and remains partially wet on upper surface. However I have not tried baking them as muffins in an oven – Something which I have yet to try.
If using as a replacement for Yorkshire puds: Replace the vanilla pudding powder with sugar and do not add the caramel essence, cinnamon or nutmeg as plain is best here.😉
Tip: Butternut drains extremely quick, is lovely and does not have the high water content of pumpkin – I often use butternut as it drains easier and is lovely!😉
If you want to speed up draining your pumpkin: You may use a pastry cutter, potato masher or the back of a spoon to press down on pumpkin to speed up extracting all the water from it. I find that using a pastry cutter really speeds up the job, esp if you are short on time. Once pumpkin is well-drained you may cook or microwave it with a cinnamon roll or sticks to further dry it out and add extra flavor to it. However the pillowcase will save you heaps of time as it can take loads of electricity and forever to cook the water out of a pumpkin😉
Place micro safe bowl onto scale and weigh in all your ingredients excluding oil and cinnamon sugar. With electric beaters held in hand, stir in all ingredients until flours have absorbed all moisture which is going to prevent it from flying out of bowl when you start your beaters. Place beaters into machine. Switch on and beat until you have a smooth lump free batter.
Butter a preheated electric frying pan and drop large spoonfuls of mixture well spaced apart. Immediately close lid and allow to bake. Do NOT remove lid until you see air bubbles breaking on the surface and fritters are well risen, puffed up and setting on their uppersides. I usually have my dial set dead in center between numbers 2 – 3 in a Sunbeam electric fryng pan. Serve sprinkled with cinnamon sugar if you wish and enjoy! – Delish!🙂


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Household Remedies For Rats, Cockroaches and to drive away moles

Remedy for Rats: Winter is arriving in the northern hemisphere and the rats are getting into roofs. Here's a non toxic safe recipe to use around pets that won't poison them or our owls that prey on rats. Save the owl population that is in decline because of supermarkets selling finale in South Africa which should be banned!

Remedy 1:
How to Make Rat Poison. The old fashioned poison that is safe, cheap and easy to make, is to mix equal parts corn meal and plaster of paris and place it in the rat holes.
The plaster of paris hardens in the stomach of the rat causing death and trust me this one always works.

Remedy 2:
1 cup of flour 1 cup of sugar 1 cup of baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda) Mix together and place in small bowls where you notice rodent traffic. (This is the one I use which I place in black polystyrene trays "the ones your meat comes in") Says it's safe around household pets.(The bicarb will react with stomach acid and produce carbon dioxide gas, obviously in excess to create the swelling. Apparently, most of these vermin and creatures cannot pass wind, hence the internal combustion)

Remedy for Roaches: Mix boric acid (obtainable from chemist) with sugar (I mix half & half) on a black polystyrene trays and slip it under my fridge and freezer. Within 3 days they are gone!

Remedy for Moles: If you have moles digging up your lawn if you want to drive them to your neighbors. You have dogs ? Put a glove or plastic bag over your hand and push their poops into the moles holes. I don't bother with moles but it worked for a friend of mine who used to do it.

Warning: Just keep boric acid away from children & pets to be safe.

No Fail Bread Formula! – Quick! Simple and Uncomplicated !!

No Fail Bread Formula! – Quick! Simple and Uncomplicated !!

Various countries flours will differ in their liquid absorption rates – This formula works very well for South African flour!
This is the best formula for making breads. The rest you may add according to taste but remember that salt retards yeast development and tap water can do the same especially if too heavy in chemicals. If you find your tap water too heavy with chemicals, use milk instead or half water to milk.😉

A lovely crusty chewy brown loaf of bread made from South African “Brown Bread Flour.” – Alongside is my famous Sweet Chili Chutney. In case you would like the recipe I have placed a link below.

Oil or fat (Excluding butter) gives the bread it’s lovely crusty texture on the outside, keeping it fresh for longer. I make sure I knead my dough very well and always give just one rise. I always find my first rise is my best! ..If you follow this rule – make sure you give your dough a thorough kneading as mentioned above. The softer the dough, the faster the rise and the quicker or easier it will be for the yeast to do it’s work.😉
Here is my No Fail bread formula by weight in grams:
Both recipes given are based on the same formula. One is larger whilst the other is smaller.
Below I have given a sample that I always refer to when baking bread, buns or rolls.

If you bake your bread overnight and leave it in the pan – The following morning it will slice like a dream!

Bread formula by weight using 500 g of flour as an example.
500 g (250 ml) flour = 100%
350 g (350 ml) water = 70% (Into which must be included your butter, oil and or eggs)
50 – 60 g (60 ml) oil or fat = 12% (Included in water mixture keeps bread moist – optional)
16 g salt = 2 – 3.4% is maximum
2.4% – 3% (12-15 g) instant yeast – 13 -14 g for a quicker high rise loaf
15 g (15 ml) sugar = 3% (optional) for sweeter bread
Sample Recipe:
This makes a lovely fluffy high-rise white loaf of bread. It’s a very soft dough which makes it easier for the yeast to do its work.
Tip for sweetening flour is to beat boiling water into it with your dough hooks or you may use a strong wooden spoon to do this.

I place my pan onto scale and weigh into it in order given, my salt, sugar, liquid and oil. I then weigh in my unsifted flour. Make a little indentation in the middle with my finger and into this I weigh my instant yeast. Close pan and set it on a dough cycle.

Allow dough to cool down to body temperature before adding your yeast. However this step is not necessary if using a bread machine, as you just add your ingredients in the below bread machine given order: Salt, sugar, water, oil, followed by adding the unsifted flour, making an indentation in the center flour and then emptying the yeast into the the indentation.
Set your machine on a dough cycle. Allow dough to rise until doubled in bulk and once it is fully risen, set it on bake cycle for 1 hour or until skewer inserted in center of bread comes out clean and bread has pulled away slightly from the walls of pan if you test it with your finger.
430 g white bread flour
301 g water / homemade liquid whey from yogurt / half milk to water
7.5 ml salt
7.5 ml sugar
15 ml Sunflower /canola / olive oil
10 g Active dry yeast

I knead my bread dough twice in bread machine. Allow it to rise to double it’s volume and then before going to bed I set it on a bake cycle. Upon the following morning when you open the bread machine you will find once removed, it will slice perfectly like a dream!

You may remove the dough hooks from your machine once it has completed kneading your dough. However here I just left them in.


Friday, 7 October 2016

Roasted Chicken pieces with succulent veggies consisting of steamed sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and rice.

This dish is soo delish quick ‘n easy that I’ve made it 4 nights in a row !! 😉

Makes a lovely quick and easy supper dish. The dish is not rich at all but just absolutely divine!


Chicken thighs are best for this dish.

Sweet Potatoes are absolutely delish dipped into the roasting juices of your crispy chicken. So what ever you do DO NOT LOSE THE JUICES !! I just eyeball the ingredients, adding all to my own taste.

Very healthy, non rich, tasty and delish served simply in a bowl with sweet potatoes to mop up the juices.

The below are just estimates. You may vary your quantities according to taste.

What ever you do, do NOT get salt near your green beans or potatoes until they are thoroughly softened or texture will be spoiled and they will stay hard !!

Scrub or wash potatoes well. Never peel them. It destroys a lot of their good nutrients which lie just beneath the skin and your colon will thank you for the fiber!

Quick to just steam onion whole in skin. Allow to sweat in sealed container on cooling down, makes it easy to peel off skin. Just remove root end and skin followed by snipping top section off with scissors. Onion pops out of skin so easily if done this way, does not burn the eyes and retains its sweetness.

Chicken must be grilled alone on its own. Do not add any veggies to chicken whilst roasting as it will draw in moisture and not crisp up. If you want to roast your veggies then you may pre-steam them 1st, followed by roasting or grilling them separately.


1.1 kg Chicken pieces, skin on (bone in)

5 ml cayenne pepper or to taste

salt to taste

1 (67 g) lime, whole (zest & juice) lemon if unavailable to taste

400 g carrots, peeled

1.5 kg sweet potatoes, whole (skin on)

200 g green beans, fresh (whole)

1 onion, large (unpeeled)

300 g Rice (Optional) or 100 g per serving


Pop chicken pieces under grill in metal container to catch juices and fats. Sprinkle with salt and cayenne pepper to taste. Grill both sides until lovely and crisp. Sprinkle a bit more salt and cayenne pepper on the other side when you turn chicken pieces over.

Add all the juice & zest of 1 lime when chicken is done and with knife and fork, remove bones and dice it up in all its lovely juices. Set aside.

I just empty Rice into microwave steamer followed by adding whole peeled carrots, 1 large onion (skin on, whole) with 2 sweet potatoes on top. Add just enough water to just cover rice.

Pop sealed container into 1000 watt microwave for 30 mins and steam.

Remove and add green beans (I just snip them in on the top with scissors. Close lid and cook a further 8 mins or just until green beans are cooked through.

Once complete remove onion skin, remove bones from chicken, discard and dice up meat, onions and all veggies (Far easier to dice once all have all been steamed). Mix rice together with chicken, it’s juices and veggies.

Serve and Enjoy!😉

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Probiotic Tzatziki Coleslaw with cream cheese to heal your gut bacteria! Absolutely Delish!

Made from fermented cream cheese with a scoby to boost probiotics! Loaded full of homemade probiotics to replenish your gut bacteria! Heal your gut and who knows.. you might even heal your allergies! This is how I bypass my dairy allergy – Just a few mouthfuls and I’m able to eat any meal that contains unfermented dairy!😉

Total Weight of Recipe: 1,471 g      Total Calories: 2,622
Calories in Homemade Cream Cheese: 1.5 per gram

Use this food processor blade to shred your cabbage for your salads and use the grater or chopper blade below for your carrots but never use the grater blade for your cabbage – It does NOT work.

The fresher your cream cheese the less tart it will be. If it has been in your fridge a few days it would’ve developed more tartness and thus no need to add lemon juice.
A handful of chopped raisins are always lovely added to coleslaw. However I no longer add them, due to the fact they have been sprayed by toxic chemicals which in my case causes adverse reactions. I believe these poisons to be the reason our gut bacteria is dying off and we are developing allergies. See Dr Stephanie Seneff.

There are 2 ways to shred your cabbage other than the hand method.

1. Using your food processor metal shredder blade on. Cut your pieces of cabbage just the right sizes the fit through the feed tube.
2. By fitting your metal chopping blade on and giving few very quick whizzes

3 garlic cloves, crushed in salad bowl
336 g cabbage, washed and drained
110 g carrots (2 medium), peeled weight
486 g cream cheese, homemade or bought
34 g homemade or Coleman’s German or hot English mustard
squeeze lemon juice, to taste (optional)
Sprinkling celery seeds (optional)

Chop, wash and drain your cabbage.
Chop your cabbage into pieces and weigh them until you have the correct weight.
Wash, peel, chop and weigh your carrots.
Into salad bowl and crush your garlic cloves together with a little salt to prevent it from slipping -or- you may add them whole into the bottom of your food processor bowl before adding your carrots.
To a food processor bowl add your whole garlic cloves, whole if not crushing by hand, followed by your chopped carrots. Close lid and process until almost chopped to desired size.
Add a few pieces of your cabbage being very little at a time and chop or give it a very quick whizz. Not too long – just a few seconds or you will really make a mush of it. If you don’t want your cabbage shredded too fine, then use your food processor shredder blade and your chopping blade to prepare your carrots.
Add balance of ingredients and blend all together well.
Refrigerate to chill until ready to serve. – Enjoy!

This is my own probiotic homemade cream cheese and hot English Mustard I have added here which are to Die for! Really takes the Coleslaw to another level. In the above picture I used the processor's grater blade attachment to grate my carrots.

You may use this attachment to grate your carrots or for grating cheese but never for your cabbage but it does a wonderful job of grating cheese - It does NOT work for shredding cabbage.

Still to add my hot English Mustard which I will be doing soon as I am still busy uploading my recipes to this site. The others are all here if you enter their names in the little search box.

See how to shred cabbage in a food processor – Click here. 

Be careful if using the chopper blade. Do not put too much in at a time. Only a little at a time as you see I have done in my pix starting with the carrots first and chopping them down to almost the correct sizes before adding your pieces of hand chopped cabbage.
Lovely in pita or on buns with crispy grilled chicken thighs. And you can use as much mustard as you want. I gives it a real good flavor!

You may grate your carrots if you wish by hand or using the grater blade that comes with your food processor.
This is my own probiotic homemade cream cheese and hot English Mustard I have added here which are to Die for! Really takes the Coleslaw to another level. In the above picture I used the processor’s grater blade attachment to grate my carrots.
You may use this attachment to grate your carrots or for grating cheese but never for your cabbage but it does a wonderful job of grating cheese – It does NOT work for shredding cabbage.
Vetkoek (fried bread) with Kofta meatballs and my Probiotic Tzatziki Style Coleslaw – Delish!
Still to add my hot English Mustard which I will be doing soon as I am still busy uploading my recipes to this site. The others are all here if you enter their names in the little search box.