Monday, 23 May 2016

Beetham Family Roast Chicken with Stuffing – Cocktail Sausage Rolls – Bacon Cheese Puff Pastries or Bacon and Cheese Scrolls - Drop Dead Delish!

A Roast Chicken is NOT a Roast Chicken without this Stuffing. This recipe has been passed down from generation to generation in our family and has NEVER been able to be bettered or Beat! It does NOT get Better! – That I can Promise !!

This has been a great family favourite of ours for generations in our family. Roast chicken is just not a Roast chicken without this delicious stuffing! In the Beetham family household we would literally throw a fit if served an “unstuffed chicken!” In fact I have NEVER roasted a chicken without it!
Just wait until you smell this cooking!!!! Mmm! The smell of it fills the whole house and you just can’t resist picking at this stuffing while it is roasting away in the oven!!!! Any leftover stuffing may be gently slipped under chicken breast skin. No need to sew up chicken cavity as the filling sets whilst chicken cooks. You may season chicken with same herbs and spices on the outside whilst roasting.
1 large roasting chicken
Sprinkling salt and pepper
4 slices streaky bacon, finely chopped
2 pork sausage bangers, slipped out of skins
1 small to medium onion finely chopped or grated
Sprinkling mixed dried herbs
Sprinkling dried parsley
Very big pinch dried sage (We use a lot more than the other herbs)
1 large egg
3 – 4 slices stale bread broken up into crumbs
Method: Bind all together with hands or spoon and stuff cavity of chicken. Any leftover stuffing may be slipped under chicken breast skin. No need to sew closed. Stuffing will set as it cooks.  Season the outside and Roast at 160 – 180 C (320 – 360 F). The lower the temperature the more servings you will render and the less meat shrinkage there will be.

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To make the best ever cocktail sausage rolls: You may use my boerewors recipe spice mixture kneaded into a bought lean beef mince or your may use the Kofta Kebabs Spice mixture together with Today’s Puff Pastry. You may also use a bought boerewors slipped out of its skins or casings.
Method: Cut pastry into 8 strips across the length and place meat mixture onto pastry and roll up. Bake seam side down in preheated oven of 240 degrees C (464 F) then turn down to 220 C (428 F) and bake another 20 minutes until done. Drop dead delish! Always handle puff pastry cold and keep it chilled and be careful with your warm hands not to melt the layers of fat within which is what gives it the its “puff.”
Tip: For drop dead delish bacon and cheese scrolls or mini cocktail sausage rolls .. Pre-fry bacon bits and spread cooled bits onto pastry strips, grate lots of cheddar cheese over. Roll up and bake in same method as above for a drop dead delicious breakfast treat !! – Enjoy!!