Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Granadilla Passion Fruit Cake - The South African one - Stunning, Table-Centerpiece! And Drop Dead, Gorgeously Delicious!

Granadilla essence is available at bakeware shops or you may substitute with granadilla jelly crystals to taste.

4 extra large eggs, separated 
250 ml (1 C) castor sugar 
125 ml (½ C) oil 
125 ml (½ C) warm water 
220 g (2 x 110 g-tins) granadilla pulp 
2,5 ml (½ t) granadilla essence 
560 ml (2¼ C) cake flour 
15 ml (1 e) baking powder 
pinch salt 

500 g (1 small packet) icing sugar, sifted
125 g (½ block) soft butter, approximately 
60 ml (4 e) warm water 
55 g (½ tin) granadilla pulp 
5 ml (1 t) granadilla essence 

Granadilla Topping: 
55 g (½ tin) granadilla pulp 
5 ml (1 t) icing sugar 
2,5 ml (½ t) corn flour/cornstarch 
5 ml (1 t) water

Set oven to 180 °C.
Method 1. Beat egg yolks and icing sugar until a creamy light yellow.
2. Mix oil, water granadilla pulp, and essence together. Add egg yolks and beat well. 
3. Sift flour, baking powder, and salt. 
Add egg yolk mixture and stir until well combined. 
4. Beat egg whites until stiff and fold into batter. 
5. Pour out into two tins lined with buttered baking paper, 
of 22 cm in diameter and divide between two cake pans,  equally as possible. 
6. Bake cake for 25 to 30 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean. 
7. ICING: Beat icing, butter, water, granadilla pulp, and granadilla essence until light and fluffy. 
8. Spread half the icing on the cake, place the second cake sponge on top and spread remaining frosting on top. 
9. Granadilla TOPPING: Heat granadilla pulp together with sugar in the microwave for 1 minute. 
10. Mix cornstarch and water to a paste and stir into granadilla pulp. Microwave mixture until thickened. 

11. allow to cool down and smear on top of the cake. 


Monday, 20 August 2018

The Idiot Parasitic Letter from “unlawful squatting tenants,” Etienne Wheeler and Donnee Wheeler at 14 Ravenwood in Sedan Avenue, Lorraine. It’s a letter any Lawyer would laugh off!

Etienne and Donneé WheelerTenant Arrears 14 Ravenwood
Please Note – Your History of Late Rental Payments extending back to 2017!


The Idiotic Parasitic Letter from “unlawful squatting tenants,” Etienne Wheeler and Donneé Wheeler at 14 Ravenwood, Sedan Avenue, Lorraine. It’s a letter any Lawyer would laugh off!

parasitic flea picture

Dear Janeen,

Etienne Wheeler (Squatter): Due to your non-stop abuse and harassment we have now sought out legal advice, as clearly you can’t be reasoned with to understand that we have tried our best to pay rent even without an income.
Owner: If you don’t have a job you must move to a squatter camp it’s as SIMPLE as that! Many white families are now living in squatter camps. Life is tough but you have to face it like a MAN! There is one in Greenbushes where there are many destitute people just like you and where you can feel at home. There is even a school close by for your children. Do you honestly have to be PARASITIC BY NATURE? If it becomes a habit you will set yourself up to be DESTITUTE FOR LIFE! — KARMA!If you don’t have a job, you do what normal people do and you move out — It’s that SIMPLE! You don’t live on other people’s income unless you’re a PARASITE?You were offered the back section on my property but you were “UNGRATEFUL” and instead of a finger, you wanted the hand! — How many people have you parasited off? You clearly cannot afford the rental as your aunt has said, you are playing for time and you have committed ”RENTAL FRAUD!” — How many other properties have you squatted in? Are you in the general habit of going from property to property and squatting in them until you get evicted? You claimed you were from Cape Town in your lease application? — Is this not the last 2 places you’ve squatted at in Port Elizabeth right before moving onto my property? Who is your next victim going to be or will you be prosecuted for “Rental Fraud?” before you can get to your next victim?According to information received, you were in unit 12, and then moving on to unit 6. Why did you NOT include these last two owners when you filled out your rental application? You lied in your rental application which is fraud. Etienne - Donnee Wheeler showing the eff off sign at St Francis Place in Springfield, Charlo whilst loading trailer to leave after Pickfords had transported their goods inEtienne Wheeler - Wow can't believ talks of moving to St Francis place posts picture to facebook https___web.facebook.com_photo.phpEtienne Wheeler (Squatter): We are in no position to move out, so please stop with the harassment and invasion of our privacy.

Owner: “LAWFUL TENANTS” paying rent certainly have privacy. Do you honestly think “UNLAWFUL SQUATTERS” who don’t pay their way in life are entitled to privacy ? Especially those that have committed “RENTAL FRAUD ?” Are you on drugs?Do you honestly think the law entitles you to live RENT FREE at the expense of others and their properties which you continue to disrespect? What drugs are you smoking?

Etienne Wheeler (Squatter): Only a judge in COURT can evict us…

Owner: Well, if you don’t mind your account soaring to over 50,000 and perhaps even up to and over 100, 000 if you so wish to extend your squatting stay you are most welcome. You’ve signed to pay ALL LEGAL COSTS including that of YOUR OWN EVICTION! You signed it and you will pay it, even if you have to pay it off! Unless you’re planning to remain destitute for the rest of your life. In that case, it can always be arranged that your children are placed in foster care homes.

Etienne Wheeler (Squatter): Once again I’m asking you for a copy of the lease (please be aware that it is illegal to withhold this from us).

Owner: You were given one — Have you forgotten your lease has been cancelled? Have you lost your mind? You’re an UNLAWFUL SQUATTER! Do you have ostrich syndrome or have you been 

smoking pot?
Ostrich Syndrome picture

(Squatter): Coming to the house while my children are here is very stressful for them so please refrain from doing so, this is now a legal matter so I will wait to hear from the court.

Owner: I am entitled to inspect my property! You have refused an inspection check after more than sufficient notification which is of MAJOR CONCERN! The unit was NOT available for entry beyond the kitchen due to your obstruction preventing me from viewing the condition of the rest of my property. It appears you have something to hide? What are you tying to hide on the premises?Amelia, an agent from Pam Golding managed to get into my property the 16th of August, after your wife, Donneé had refused to open the gate which has been your usual modus operandi in obstructing prospective tenants and agents from viewing my property. After buzzing my unit for a lengthy period of time, she was allowed in by one of the other residents, and was in total shock at the state she found my property in — Her words were… “IN A DISGUSTING STATE” as she reported. There is a penalty clause for obstructing an inspection check of my unit for which you have signed and there is another for obstructing prospective tenants from viewing the unit.I have just had a further report from another agent who has called both your numbers and neither of you is answering your phones again!I will be coming around for a further inspection check as of today or tomorrow and I would like to see my property restored to its original condition in which it was handed to you and this time please do NOT use your children as weapons to avoid an inspection check!

Etienne Wheeler (Squatter): Until such time – as I’ve said numerous times to you – I will pay when I have the money…unfortunately loosing [sic] my job has put us in this predicament and it’s sad that we couldn’t have spoken about this amicably, but this is your doing.

Owner: This is not La-La Land — this is SOUTH AFRICA! — it’s time to call it a day Etienne, time to face up to facts! — So is it my fault you’ve lost your job? Do you honestly think I am responsible your predicament? Are you going to be a parasite all your life? — Have you no shame for what you are doing in front of your children pretending all is hunky dory? MAN UP AND TELL THEM THE TRUTH! Are you not MAN ENOUGH to move out or are you so weak that you’ve developed a sense of “entitlement” that you “think” you are entitled to foist yourself upon the income of others? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE ME PUTTING MY HAND INTO YOUR POCKET AND “PICKPOCKETING” R5, OOO per month AND ALL WITHOUT ASKING?You are 5 destitute squatters living in my property like parasites and not paying rent? If you are not a parasite then move out! Where do you come with your sense of “entitlement” as if the world owes you? If you can hijack someone’s property and income you may as well be hijacking cars too in the near future — because that’s EXACTLY what you are entertaining and you are doing this in front of children! It appears you have a criminal mind — do you perhaps have a criminal record?DOES THIS LOOK LIKE THE MANAGER OF PLANET FITNESS DANCING AROUND AND DISHING OUT FLYERS ON THE ROBOTS OF PORT ELIZABETH? IF YOU WERE THE MANAGER AS YOU CLAIMED YOU WERE, IN YOUR RENTAL APPLICATION THEN WHY ARE YOU DANCING ON THE ROBOT DISHING OUT FLYERS? WHEN YOU SIGNED THE LEASE IN THE “MANAGERS OFFICE” AT “PLANET FITNESS” THEN WHO’S OFFICE AT PLANET FITNESS DID YOU BORROW TO COMMIT YOUR RENTAL FRAUD?IS THAT WHY YOU LOST YOUR LEASE? — OR DO I ASSUME IT WAS THROWN INTO THE TRASH CAN BECAUSE IT WASN’T YOUR OFFICE, TO BEGIN WITH?
FireShot Capture 1850 - PLANET FITNESS IS A GOOD COMPANY TO GET S_ - https___www.google.co.za_search PLANET FITNESS IS A GOOD COMPANY TO GET SALES ON THE ROBOTScomment on planet fitness etienne wheeler about handing out flyers on robots is for sales consultantsEtienne wheeler handing out flyers for planet fitness on the robots

Friday, 27 July 2018

Etienne Wheeler and Donneé Wheeler 14 Ravenwood, Sedan Avenue, Lorraine, Port Elizabeth Rental Arrears!

Etienne Wheeler and Donneé Wheeler 14 Ravenwood, Sedan Avenue, Lorraine, Port Elizabeth Rental Arrears!

The below email was forwarded to Etienne Wheeler...

As you are well aware, you can no longer afford the rental; due, your continual, bad history of past defaults, stretching back to October 2017.
Your lease has been cancelled as you are well aware of.
As of end; this month (July 2018) you will become unlawful occupants at 14 Ravenwood.
Please have the decency, honour and integrity, to move out of my property, as you claimed you would be by the end of June. It is now July?
It has been admitted by a very close family member of your's, per telephonic discussion on 2 occasions, that you cannot afford your rental at all, despite your constant lies -- Rental fraud? It is clear, you need to find alternative "affordable accommodation." When times are tough, you cut your cloth according to your means. It's what every normal person does. They don't "hijack" somebody else's property income.
As a tenant, I have found you to be, unreliable and irresponsible. Your word has not been your bond. If this is your true nature; you cannot reasonably expect to have a good relationship with any property owner/s you rent from in the future.
There are two very old proverbs -- "Lying and stealing are next door neighbours." and "A thief is as good as a liar can get." - If these two proverbs do not apply to you, then please vacate my property.
How are you going to feel if somebody is freeloading off your income? You are in possession of my income, of which is well overdue. My responsibility is to see to it, that my rental is paid on time, as I have my expenses to pay. If you truly, value and respect the "property" of another, and are responsible and willing to take the consequences of your own actions -- you will have the good sense, to man up and move out. 
Per our telephonic discussion; of June 2018, you gave me, gate code: *14*2017. I asked you to recap, which you did, I then recapped to confirm it was the correct code you had given me. You confirmed it was correct. However, upon reaching the complex gate, and entering the code you had confirmed, I discovered, you had given me the wrong code. When I requested, you give me the correct code - you gave me *14*0720, which is vastly different to the one you first gave.
You entered into a written lease agreement; whereby, you have agreed to occupy the back room on my property, at an affordable, reduced rental, in the event, that you can no longer afford your rental - of which you "signed," as part of a "Special Addendum" to your lease agreement.
The need has arisen for me to find a replacement tenant. In view of the above, you are being offered "alternative accommodation" as per our lease agreement - of which you have failed to honour. In addition, per our conversation, before you signed the lease, it was discussed, that if ever you lost your job, or could no longer afford your rental, that we could find a replacement tenant - which would free you of your legal obligations, under the terms and conditions of your lease agreement.
I have taken great pains to advertise my property, endlessly chasing you up on your late rental payments, each month, which, has become a huge headache and a disappointment, stretching all the way back to last year - beginning October. Instead, you have robbed me of my time, income and have obstructed all, if not most of my prospective tenants from viewing the property - I have had numerous reports on my phone to this effect -- where you have totally disrespected the terms of your lease agreement.
I gave you a very good rental when you first moved in - however, you turned out to be a huge deception, and have consistently, defaulted and reneged on your agreement - beginning just 3 months into your lease. It has become clear, you have no sense of responsibility and do not respect written agreements, as it appears, you have no intention of honouring them.
Due to the above, I have had no other alternative but to cancel your lease. Kindly, vacate my property by the end of this month, in view of the fact, that you were supposed to be out, by the end of June.
Furthermore - please do not obstruct any prospective tenants from viewing the property, as you have previously done.
I'm sure you are well aware, whilst continuing to occupy "my property" at "my expense," is akin to stealing my rental income and running up my expenses. You did not come in like a thief, so please do not leave as one. There is an agreement in place, which you have signed, to avoid this "exact situation."
As an owner with foresight, I have discussed the "back room" on my property with you, well in advance of you signing the lease - "In the event, that you could no longer afford your rental." Whereby, it was all clearly explained to you. Now that you find yourself in this "exact situation" - you appear to be running from your problems, turning off your WhatsApp or phone, not answering your calls, letters or messages - whenever I attempt to reach you.
As per, your lease agreement, which you have signed - you have agreed to occupy the back room on my property at an affordable, reduced rental -- It is clear, you can no longer afford your rental and there are many qualified tenants now waiting to move into my unit.
I called last month, you eventually answered your phone. You assured me, you can afford your rental, and will pay on the 1st, however, when the 1st arrives, as per usual, your rent is not paid. Today is the 27th July 2018, and your rental is still not paid?
Are you aware, you are "sponging" off my income, by not paying your rent? 
Furthermore, regards our telephonic discussion last month, I'm still waiting for your proof of income, which never arrived -- Empty promises, or more lies yet again? 
It's clearly time, to own up to the fact, that you can no longer afford your rental. For that, there has been an arrangement built into your lease agreement, called an "attached addendum," which you have "signed" - whereby, you have agreed to move into the back room on my property if your rent is not paid by the 15th.
As the General Manager of Planet Fitness; since taken over by The Edge Fitness ClubIf you are putting yourself on the Internet as an "honourable person," then be that "honourable person," honour your agreements, and move out of my property.
All it takes is dignity, some self-respect and decency to simply move out.

You have been offered “alternative accommodation,” but you don’t take it - Is it your intention to steal my income?

“Property fraud is theft by deception to deliberately secure unlawful gains out of someone else’s property.
A fraud perpetrator may be prosecuted and imprisoned by governmental authorities.

Defrauding people of money or valuables is the usual purpose of fraud.”

I feel this post is justified and in the best interests of the public that tenants do not get away with income theft or take advantage of other owners. This post will be removed once they have settled their arrears in full. If not they will go on to victimising the next unsuspecting owners.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

BASIC CHICKEN LEMON BROTH OR SOUP - Totally Delish, Economical & Addictive! GMO, Gluten / Preservative Free!

Delicious recipes without any onions. You won’t notice it and neither will your guests! 😉

Total Calories: 4,430 Total Weight: 5,939 kg

A favorite standby recipe I always use when I’m out of onions and I love this soo addictively delicious soup!

The longer you cook this soup the softer the bones will get and the better your natural chicken stock becomes – I love to cook mine gently overnight and for part of the next day until the bones just crumble up in your fingers 🙂
You may add an onion but you won’t even notice it if you don’t and neither will your guests.
If worried about the fat, you may tip it out and place it in freezer to set. Fat will rise to the top with your chicken stock at bottom. When set just slice of your browned chicken stock, adding it back to your soup together with enough fat / chicken schmaltz as needed, according to your own taste 🙂

8 chicken thighs
4 liters water
2 lemons, juiced
6 garlic cloves
2 jalapenos
170 g rice
30 ml parsley
salt to taste

If you do have the below ingredients please add them but the plain simple above ingredients are also absolutely delicious! Especially when you are out of onions, carrots or celery ;)

1 onion

264 g carrots (3 medium)

2 celery stalks, including leaves

Evening before bed put on chicken skin side facing down and pour over a cup of water. Bring to a gentle simmer in an electric wok or slow cooker if you wish. Alternately you may use a simmer ring under a heavy bottomed saucepan over a low heat or flame.
Simmer on low overnight and all through the following day until bones disentegrate or crumble, so that they release all that lovely natural bone stock.
To a microwave steamer or pot, weigh in your rice and add 3 times the amount of water. IE; 810 g / ml. Close lid and microwave on high for 15 minutes. Remove and allow to stand 10 minutes to soften.
Remove chicken and set aside to cool.
With a stick or an immersion blender puree rice into a smooth cream, adding a little water as needed.
To a food processor with metal chopping blade on – Add your whole peeled garlic cloves, parsley and whole jalapenos and pulse until finey chopped.
Add to soup. Swish out food processor bowl with some water, adding it back to soup.
Remove bones or if they are soft enough they will just crumble to a pulp in your fingers. You may add the pulp to the soup if you wish. (I do for extra nutrition). Add all the meat and discard any sharp or hard bones.
Stir in the juice of 2 lemons.
Simmer a further 5 – 10 minutes.

Serve and enjoy! 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Best Ever! One Pot Irish Shepherds Pie (Stew) to get you through those Cold Winters – Totally Delish! Gmo and Preservative Free!

A great recipe if you are too lazy to put together a Shepherds Pie – Just eat it in a bowl and enjoy! Yes, it’s absolutely delicious! 😉

Absolutely delish eaten just like this. The potatoes and veg suck up all the delicious mutton fat and stock.

Cook long and slow. Preferably, put your mutton on with 1 cup (250 ml) water first thing in the morning and top up as needed to prevent drying out. Mutton takes  around 5 – 6 hours to cook at a very low temperature and sometimes I even take longer. Starting it overnight and then continuing during the day. Do not rush. It looks after itself very well! 😉 Long and slow will bring out the best flavour you can wish for 😉
You may use any other mutton fat but sheep tail fat is rated best, however kidney fat will also do and is what I use from time to time if sheep tail fat is unavailable.
1.760 kg Leg of mutton or chops (large one’s. IE; best end or other)
288 g sheep tail fat
3 onions, peeled – chopped or quartered
550 g carrots (3 or up to 550 g), peeled
1.316 kg potatoes, unpeeled or peeled (I like to leave my skin on )
1 small cabbage, chopped
Salt to taste – nothing more!

Add a cup water and put the sheep tail fat at bottom with meat resting on top of it. I do this in my electric wok or you may use a slow cooker or a heavy bottomed saucepan over a very low heat. When meat softens on outer side add onions, potatoes, whole with skin on together with carrots whole over top. When Softened add roughly chopped cabbage to top with light sprinkling salt and close lid and simmer until done.

Absolutely delish eaten just like this. The potatoes and veg suck up all the delicious mutton fat and stock.

Serve and Enjoy!

Source: This is my ow creation

Friday, 20 October 2017

The Worlds Best Irish Shepherds Pie Ever! Drop Dead Delish! Mutton not lamb is where the flavour lies. Roasted to perfection with a crispy mashed roast potato topping! GMO, Preservative and Gluten Free! No Heartburn! No oil! 100 % Natural ingredients!

Keep it plain and simple! Mutton is rich. Condensed and full of flavour!

This is the best Shepherds Pie you will ever eat! And it has all the flavours of a good Sunday Roast and the bonus is it comes with its own natural stock and gravy built-in ;) Serve with crispy roasted potatoes, broccoli and cheese sauce and you are in 7 th heaven! Remember I said Mutton, not Lamb. However this may be made with lamb but you won’t get the same results.
SERVINGS: 9 – 10 With roast potatoes, broccoli and cheese sauce.

Sorry but my carrots are not showing. I thought I would experiment and chop them with my onions in food processor and instead of being cubes they sort of grated up with the onions – So best do them separately.

You may use any stewing mutton or small chops that have enough fat on them but save your bigger cuts and chops for slow braising and roasting 😉
Mutton must cook very slow and will take around 6 – 8 hours to cook. Sometimes I even go slower and take up to 10 hours to cook mine. The lower the temperature the better and the more concentrated the flavour becomes. I promise you.. It is well worth it! ;) This is best done overnight and when your wake up, before going to work, you can just switch off and when you come home your meat is ready and you can start putting dinner together. Mutton has a lot of fat especially the smaller cuts, so it can look after itself as long as you get to know your temperature and the amount of water to add, so that it releases its own fats, stocks and flavours and you will have more than enough fat to roast your potatoes. Once your water has evaporated the meat should just slip right off the bones without leaving a trace of meat clinging to them . You may now remove all the bones, discarding them. Once this is done you will hear the meat sizzling whilst it is browning in its own fats and stock. When browned. Remove your meat with a spatula whilst draining off the juices back into the pan and set meat aside, covered. You may cook your mutton from frozen. In this case, just add 1 cup (250 ml) water. No more. There is extra water that will be released from the frozen meat as it cooks.

I used a pack of neck cuts and a pack of smaller sized chops. After cooking and rendering down of my fats and stock – I weighed my fat after slicing it off from the stock, which I had set and hardened in my freezer (to speed things up) and the total weight of my fat came to 188 g which is more than enough for your roast potatoes.

After removing my cooked meat and pouring my fat together with stock into a 500 g chicken liver tub. After freezing to speed things up. You will see that the stock settles at the bottom whilst the fat rises to the top. So that on inverting it, it will look like this.

2.304 kg mutton chops – Small chops plus neck chops
1 cup water
salt to taste

Here as you can see I chopped my carrots separately in food processor and you can see them in this mixture that I previously made. Just mixed up like this with some peas thrown in will make an excellent Bubble and Squeak Breakfast with poached eggs and sausages for a crowd. Who knows.. You might just stop here and eat all by yourself. It’s delicious!

The stock, which you just slice off from the fat, after setting it in the freezer to speed things up and you just add it back to your meat mixture once you have done so

660 g onions, whole – peeled
402 g carrots, whole – peeled
952 g cabbage, chopped
Salt to taste
70 of your mutton fat – With a wee bit of stock in it, too is fine
238 g peas (frozen)

1.242 kg potatoes, whole or 6 medium – peeled
80 g butter
318 g whole milk
salt to taste
white pepper to taste
nutmeg, freshly grated to taste -or- may use a bought powder
15 ml mutton fat (for brushing and crisping of topping) or as needed

Bake mashed potato topping. Placed under grill to harden. Removed from oven and then brushed with melted mutton fat. That is the secret to a crisp, mashed, fluffy potato topping.

I work on 84 g broccoli per serving -or- 1 head giving 3 – 4 servings

140 g rice
420 g water
704 g whole milk (hot)
40 g butter
246 g Cheddar Cheese, grated
Salt to taste

First thing on rising, early morning or evening. Begin cooking your mutton by placing it together with 1 cup water and some salt to taste, into a heavy bottomed saucepan or wok with self-regulating temperature which is best for this purpose. You may use a slow cooker but I can’t guarantee what is going to happen to your crock pot or glass when you start browning and sizzling the meats in their own stocks and fats. It will brown if you can get the fat sizzling but that’s your risk 😉 If using a stove-top, place a simmer ring or your waffle metal plate / plates under your pot – especially if using gas. Cook on a very low heat, covered so that it just keeps it temperature by gently simmering or bubbling on and off. When meat comes away, clean from the bones and just slips off when gently lifted. Remove the bones and discard. When all your water has evaporated and all you are left with is your natural fats and stock, your meat will gently begin sizzling and browning in its own fats and stock. With a non-metal spatula or egg lifter, gently turn meat in their own fats and stock until browned. Remove meat, gently draining fats and stock back into pan whilst doing so and set meat aside, covered. Whilst fats and stocks are still hot, pour it into a suitable container without lid and place into coldest part of freezer to set but if storing it for future use keep covered.
To a food processor with metal blade on. Add your roughly chopped onions and whizz to finely chop. To a saucepan or electric wok with self-regulating temperature. Add your 70 g of your mutton fat, together with your finely chopped onions and saute gently. To your food processor, add your roughly chopped carrots, whizz and dice into small cubes, as for pie mixtures – Add your diced carrots to your onions and continue gently sautéing. To your food processor add your diced cubes of cabbage, 300 g per time.. NO MORE – Or you will end up with an awful mush. Chop until diced but not as fine as you would for coleslaw. Add your diced cabbage to your carrots and onions and continue sautéing gently, until all vegetables just or almost tender. Add your cooked meat into your sautéed vegetables and with a non-metal spatula, break it all up. You will find that it will just fall apart, as easy peasy.. like corned beef from a can 😉Remove your stored fat and stock tub from freezer and very quickly dip container into hot water. Invert (See picture) to remove its contents and slice off all your browned mutton stock. Toss it in with your vegetable mixture and meat. Break it all up, whilst gently warming through or until it is all melted and well blended through. Lastly stir in your peas, lower the heat to well below minimum and keep warm but without any bubbling or simmering. If you are using an electric 5 liter wok as I do.. Just feel the outer or underside of the wok and it must feel just hotter than warm to the touch. If you are using an oven, then use your roasting pan.
Steam your potatoes using a microwave steamer, covered or until fork tender. Heat up your milk and butter. Mash your potatoes using a potato masher or a pastry cutter. Pour in the hot milk and continue to mash, until fluffy and lump free but do not over mash or your potatoes will become sticky, gooey and gloppy. Season to taste with white pepper, salt and freshly grated nutmeg.
Place all your vegetable meat mixture onto the bottom of your oven roasting pan or 5 liter electric wok (with self-regulating temperature) and smooth out the surface. Place dollops of your mashed potato topping on top of your meat mixture and with a fork, spread it out evenly, covering the entire surface, whilst creating grooved streaks with the tins of your fork. Bake at low temperature of around 160 C if using your oven and keep topping fairly close to element to become a very light golden or just to harden the potato topping. As soon as potato topping has hardened. Remove it from the oven and melt 15 ml mutton fat or as needed. Using a pastry brush, brush melted mutton fat all over your potato topping. This will give it a good shine and help it to really crisp up. Place your pie back into the oven whilst keeping underside warm, with potato topping closer to the grill. Do not burn. Watch carefully whilst you brown and crisp up your topping until done to your liking
Microwave steam, 4 -5 minutes or until almost or just fork tender. Set aside, covered to keep warm.
To a microwave steamer add your 140 g rice with 420 g / ml water. Give it a good swirl, Seal container and microwave on high 15 minutes or until mushy and soft. Puree with stick blender (Immersion blender) or you may puree it in your food processor if you wish. Heat up your milk and gradually puree it in until you have a smooth sauce together with your 40 g butter. Once you have a nice and creamy smooth sauce, you may add in your grated cheese and continue to blending until you have a smooth and glossy cheese sauce. Adjust consistency by adding a little more hot milk, butter or cheese as you desire. Season to taste with salt and set aside to keep warm.

Your mutton fat and you should have plenty. 
Together with enough potatoes to serve – I usually go on 1 and a half potatoes per person
Peel potatoes and place them in enough cold water to cover – To prevent discolouration. You may with the tins of your fork, run / scrape groves down the lengths of your potatoes if you wish to give it that grooved appearance. Remove potatoes from water and par-cook them 10 minutes in boiling water or on high in a steamer, covered or until just cooked on their outer surface. Heat up oil to around 160 – 180 C but do not allow your temperature to drop below 160 C or your potatoes will begin to suck up oil. You may test your oil by dropping a crumb of bread into it and it should gently sizzle around its edges. When oil is ready, gently add potatoes. Do not at too many at once and do NOT over-crowd your pan or your temperature will drop. Watch potatoes carefully, whilst turning them with a fork and gently pricking them at the same time to help them crisp up or until they golden brown, crisp and cooked through. When done. Remove them, drain and set aside to keep warm.

Dinner is ready.. Now Serve and Enjoy! 😉

SOURCE: This is my own creation