Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How to boil an egg in a microwave oven without exploding! (Hard or soft boiled)

No blue rings! Eggshellant Idea! Save on Energy! Stove top method included.

I usually do this with around 6 – 7 eggs in a 2 liter micro – safe, sealed container.

To prevent shells from cracking you may prick the base with a pin, fork or the sharp point of a steak knife before placing them into the water.

For Soft boiled eggs: Allow to sit 6 minutes.
For Hard boiled eggs: Allow to sit 11 minutes.

6 eggs
1 liter water or enough to cover

Bring water to a rapid rolling boil in a 1000 w microwave oven.
Remove and immediately lower your eggs into the boiling water. Place on cover and quickly return to microwave to boil a further 30 minutes.
For soft boiled eggs: Remove and without opening container, set aside for 6 minutes.
For hard boiled eggs: set aside for 11 minutes.
Fill up a container with ice cold water. In my case it was winter and the water was cold enough so it didn’t need ice or chilling. I didn’t have blue eggs as you can see in pix!😉
Remove eggs and place all into the chilled water to stop them from cooking.
Remove and with a teaspoon tap the base of the egg which is the fat rounded end, removing enough shell to get the teaspoon in and to work it around the inner circumference of the shell to ease out the whole egg perfectly. Whalla! Done and dusted! Now enjoy your breakies or Potato Salad!😉

Stove Top Method:
For hard boiled egg boil 5 minutes.
For soft boiled eggs boil 3 minutes and then follow method above.