Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Best Ever Swiss Roll - Banana Caramel Cream Tart - Strawberry Brandy Cream Sponge and Edwardian Creme Anglaise Trifle with Sherry

A medley of mix and match desserts that all intermarry so verry well with one another that I have decided to put them all together on one page. - Enjoy! ;)
The first recipe is from the South African Huisgenoot's book of Winning 
Recipes by Annette Human in South Africa and has always been my go to for the perfect 
Swiss Roll.

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Banana Caramel Cream Fridge Cake is the one I make in a 23 cm pie foil plate with biscuit crust or using the Swiss Roll recipe baked in a flan tin with hollowed out indentation for a filling once baked and inverted. See bottom of page "Strawberry Cream Flan Cake ."
The secret of a Swiss roll is not to over bake it and to work quickly when it comes from the oven.The secret of a Swiss roll is not to over bake it and to work quickly when it comes from the oven.

Tips: For a light as a feather sponge, sift the flour three times.
You may also use this recipe to make a Caramel banana Cream Flan and a Strawberry flan (See instructions at bottom of this page)
4 eggs, large (separated)
50ml cold water
210g (250ml) castor sugar
140g (250ml) Cake flour, unsifted
5ml baking powder
pinch salt
5ml vanilla essence
150ml smooth apricot jam (or any other which you may prefer)
Grease a 30 x 45 cm Swiss roll tin. Line it with wax paper and grease the paper. Dust with a little flour and shake off the excess. Preheat the oven to 200 deg C (400 deg F) and place the rack in the center of the oven. Beat the egg yolks, water and castor sugar together well until pale yellow and spongy. Sift the flour and baking powder together and gradually fold n the egg yolk mixture with a metal spoon. Whisk the egg whites ad salt together until stiff peaks form. Stir a little of the remainder and the essence lightly. Spoon the batter into the tin and smooth the top. Bake for 10 minutes. Turn out onto a damp tea towel sprinkled with castor sugar. Remove the wax paper carefully and neaten the short sides of the cake with a sharp knife. Heat the jam and spread it over the cake. Roll up careful using the tea towel. Neaten the edges and cool for at least 30 minutes on a wire rack. Enjoy!
Strawberry Cream Flan Cake
Make up a Sponge from your Swiss roll recipe using a flan cake tin - Click here for example http://www.stonegableblog.com/easy-fruit-flan/ It is a tin with an indentation if inverted and this is where you will be placing your filling. Once your sponge has baked and cooled, sprinkle on some brandy or sherry and then fill your sponge flan with a medium tin of drained strawberries or fresh is you wish (see below). Whip up some cream to cover top of flan, garnish with reserved strawberries and serve. ;)

Banana Cream 
Caramel Tart
Instant Biscuit Pastry Crust (No Bake):
200 g Marie biscuits, broken up into food processor and whizzed to crumbs
22 g sugar (only if using the Marie biscuits. If using tennis biscuits, omit)
125 g butter, melted (You may use a good tasting margarine)
pinch salt to taste
Method: Add broken biscuits to food processor together with sugar if using Marie biscuits. Do not add any sugar if using tennis biscuits. Process until fine crumbs or place in bag and crush with feet or rolling pin.
Melt butter in microwave until very hot. Empty biscuits crumbs into hot butter, mixing well with spoon adding salt to taste.
Empty out into pie foil tart plate and using a flat bottomed glass to press out to cover bottom and sides. Fill biscuit crust with sliced bananas, Smear over a tin of softened Nestle caramel treat (Whipped or heated). cover with whipped cream and or optional grated chocolate or shavings.
Baked Shortbread Pastry Crust:
3 Tablespoons butter or use a hard margarine (45 grams)
1 Tablespoon castor sugar
90 ml (45 g) Cake Flour (use your set of measuring spoons)
Generous pinch salt
Sift together flour, castor sugar and salt. Rub in butter until it forms crumbs. Knead dough to form a ball. Press pastry into a 23 cm diameter tart or foil pie baking dish. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. Remove from oven.
Fill tart casing or indentation of flan sponge with sliced bananas, Smear over a tin of softened Nestle caramel treat (Whipped or heated). Garnish with whipped cream and or optional grated chocolate.
How to Sweeten Fresh Strawberries ( Macerate)
400 g punnet of fresh strawberries washed hulled halved or sliced
200 g sugar
Few drops glycerin just for shine (optional)
Squeeze lemon juice or to taste
How to prepare your strawberries:
Sweeten / Macerate overnight or during course of day covered in fridge. Do NOT cook (Destroys its setting properties and enzymes which are good for you). Warm up only once all the sugar has dissolved. Stir in a 40 g package of Trotters Strawberry Jelly until dissolved. Refrigerate until thickened. Use in recipes. If you omit adding the jelly you will have a very runny strawberry sauce as strawberries release a lot of water when adding the sugar.
Edwardian Trifle With Homemade Creme Anglaise Custard:
In the top of a double boiler (bowl floated over simmering water), beat 4 egg yolks until they are light and stir in half a cup sugar. Add gradually 1 cup each of milk and light cream scalded with half a vanilla bean. Set the pan over hot water and cook the custard stirring constantly until it coats the back of a wooden spoon. Strain or pour through a sieve and cool the custard stirring occasionally. Line the bottom and sides of a glass bowl with half inch slices of Swiss roll. Moisten the cake with sherry (medium cream) or Madeira. Fill the bowl with the cooled custard. Using a pastry bag fitted with a fluted tube or tip, pipe rosettes of whipped cream around the trifle and decorate with thinly sliced fresh strawberries.