Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Stay Alkaline with Hot Lemon Water Every Morning on an empty colon for Weight Loss and Colon Cleanse - Since I have been doing this I haven't had Flu in 8 years! - Here are all my tips!

My daily morning routine: Hot lemon water every morning upon awakening on an empty colon. Nothing to drink or eat 30 minutes thereafter. Cleanses the colon, helps with weight loss and keeps you alkaline. Providing you stay away from acid causing foods which fuel cancers in the body. Just the juice of one small to medium lemon is more than enough with about 160 - 200 ml hot water and don't forget that the zest is a concentrated form of vitamin C. I use all the zest to flavor my black sugarless coffee during the day which is quite addictive! I have been doing this since 2008 and have not had flu or a cold in 8 years !! Don't forget to add a knife tip of bicarbonate of soda to alkalise it, which will prevent the acid from striping the enamel off your teeth. Lemon juice becomes alkaline once it hits your stomach. I have noticed that if I start skipping my hot lemon water my weight starts creeping up. It has been proven that you lose weight a lot easier in an alkaline body by cutting back on all the acid causing foods like wheat and sugar and encouraging the good gut bacteria to grow.
Feed your good bacteria by making your own homemade yogurt and adding a scoby to boost probiotics. See my recipe to make – It’s so easy! It bypasses my dairy and egg allergy but remember I never said bought yogurt – I said homemade. I do react to shop bought yogurt.

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