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3 Fruit Marmalade – Simple Quick Fuss Free Method! – Absolutely Delish with my Schmaltzy Bran Muffins! Just wait until you try these!

Heavenly Divine! On my Schmaltzy Bran Muffins! Marmalade and cheese! It's Delish! ;)

The lovely colour I got from the fruit I added.

You may vary your fruit. If you don’t like grapefruit much, then add an extra orange or two. Just remember the Rule of thumb: – Use an equal weight in sugar to fruit – less the pith.
After juicing and before throwing out your pith which is the white covering found under the skin – weigh it and subtract it’s weight from your original weight and then only do you add your sugar. – Pulp gets tossed out and fed to wild birds.
I use this identical citrus zester. If in South Africa you can pick one up at Fruit and Veg City. They work like a breeze! I use mine every day for my black lemon flavored coffee!πŸ˜‰
If you save your extra lemon pips you may freeze them and you will then have extra pectin which means your marmalade will set sooner with less evaporation which will reduce the sweetness, giving you less calories and more marmalade.:)
It is important that you use fresh fruit which is higher in pectin – contained in both the zest and pips.
Total Calories 3,954 Total weight: 2381 g
1 (438 g) ruby red grapefruit, with peel 2 (400 g) oranges, with peel 1 (148 g) lemon, with peel 750 ml cold water 986 g sugar
  1. Wash and zest all your fruits holding them in a downward fashion so that the spray from the zest ends up on a non porous glass chopping board. If you don’t have one, a spare floor tile or dinner plate will do. In this way you may then just sweep it off into container together with it’s zest – Zest only the zest and NOT the white pith!
  2. Place zest in microsafe container large enough for your marmalade and add 750 ml water to the zest. Cover container and cook on high in 1000 watt microwave oven for 10 mins.
  3. Juice your fruits with citrus juicer, extracting all the juice you can.
  4. Remove the pips and create a wee or tiny little pouch out of a spare piece of stocking or similar fabric. Place in all your pips in pouch and fasten – snip off ends. Set aside.
  5. Squeeze or wring out all the juice that’s left in your pith. Now weigh your pith and deduct this weight from your original weight – Example in my case: 986 g whole fruits minus -246 g remaining pith = 740 g sugar. (Sugar = Whole Fruit less Pith).
  6. Take your remaining weight (740 g) as in my example above, and weigh the same amount in sugar. Place your container of water and zest onto scale and weigh in your sugar. Stir into hot liquid containing the zest to dissolve. Do NOT bring to boil until sugar has thoroughly dissolved or it will crystalize.
  7. Add all your fleshy pulp together with your pouch of pips to your dissolved sugar mixture. Microwave on high 60 mins stirring at intervals. Set aside overnight to thicken.

The most divine bran muffins you will ever taste in your life! Full of buttery goodness! You will NEVER guess what’s in them ? Soo buttery divine! I could serve them to the queen with PRIDE and she will say “Ooh how buttery divine! May I please have some more!” ..and I will say.. “It must be the chicken schmaltz and not the butter!”


    • Cooking the peel in the first 10 minutes helps to release the pectin which helps your marmalade to set.
    • Once the sugar is added the peel won’t soften any further. Allowing the marmalade to settle overnight helps to evenly distribute the zest throughout.
    • Bring marmalade to boil or heat to just over 85ΒΊC to kill any mould spores. – If not making a large quantity you may skip this step and just bottle – stored refrigerated.
    • No need to sterilize bottles – They can be taken straight from dishwasher – Once bottled put the lids on as quickly as possible to create a vacuum.
    • Test for readiness of the marmalade by placing a teaspoon of the mixture on a chilled saucer – allow it to sit for a few seconds. On tilting plate the mixture should be like a soft gel. Mixture must not be runny. Once opened – keep refrigerated. Seville oranges are highly prized for making marmalades and are only in season for a few weeks in winter.
    • Save pectin by freezing lemon pips in a sealed container. This will lessen the amount of sugar needed to set jams, jellies and marmalades. – Enjoy!πŸ˜‰

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