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Chicken or Lamb Knuckle Curry Old Cape Malay South African Style with Sambal Salad. I was addicted to this curry at one time!

I ate this curry 2-3 times a week at one time. It was just so delish! Younger bodies can afford it. Today I have to watch my weight but I can still eat curry 3 times a week so long as I count calories and weigh my food.😉


You may experiment with the fennel. At one time I used to add about 2/3 more fennel to cumin. Roast your seeds whole (excluding cinnamon and star anise) in a wetted teacup, covered for 90 seconds in a 1000 watt microwave oven or just until they release their aroma. Please do NOT scorch your seeds! Fennel holds it flavor better if you add a light sprinkling later on during the cooking process. A fairly course grind is preferred as it will hold its flavor during the long slow cooking process. Fennel if too finely ground tends to lose its strength fairly rapidly. You may also save some of your ground spices (masala) to enhance your curry just before serving with a few extra roasted fennel seeds, whole or coarsely ground in a coffee grinder.

Serve with fluffy white steamed rice or Roti’s. I add a few squeezes lemon juice once done for a nice tang or you may add any left over pickling juice from your pickled onions or gherkins which add an excellent flavour to your curry & don’t forget it is a must have ingredient for your homemade mustard too!


Tomatoes grated directly into pot. Skins stay behind but now days I just add sugar and salt to taste & pre-cook or steam my tomatoes all together in one large micro-safe bowl. No water added. Covered with a dinner plate & then puree when soft. I bottle them whilst still bubbling hot for later use. Of the Roma or oval or Italian shaped tomatoes, their skins just disappear into the puree adding to the lovely red colour.

Note on potatoes: 

Use those ugly big round ugly potatoes that burst open all fluffy when softened. Don NOT add any salt until they are fork tender! When beginning the curry, add 2-3 potatoes in the beginning, which will disintegrate into, adding a lovely thickener to your curry, followed by adding the balance of your potatoes later on to be ready when meat is done.


1 – 1.5 kg whole chicken, cut into portions or lamb knuckles
2 very large onions, thinly sliced or chopped
1 kg potatoes or more but there must be enough to thicken up curry so add 2-3 in the beginning followed by the rest later on
30 ml oil or mixture oil butter (half & half)
8 large cloves of fresh garlic
1 piece of fresh ginger (use 1 part to 2 parts garlic stamped to a paste with salt)
15 ml (1 tbsp) cumin seed
5 ml (1 tsp) aniseed
15 ml (1 tbsp) freshly ground or pounded coriander seeds
60 ml (2 heaped tablespoons) leaf masala curry powder with curry leaves
1 -2 cloves, whole
10 ml salt
375 ml water
2 small to medium fresh ripe tomatoes
sprinkling of curry leaves is what makes it so lovely! (1 -2 bay leaves if you have non)
1 – 2 star aniseed, whole
Saute onions in heated oil until golden brown. About 5 – 10 minutes.
Add Chicken or lamb knuckles to onions.
Add your ginger & garlic paste (I use the back flat end of a braai or babecue hook to stamp it to a paste) with all your remaining spices together with 125 ml water to pot & simmer, covered for about 20 minutes or until all is well blended.
Add tomatoes together with part potatoes and simmer a further 10 minutes.
Add remaining water & potatoes if making chicken curry.
If you are making lamb knuckle curry (delicious!), add potatoes when the lamb knuckles are becoming tender, so potatoes will be soft when lamb knuckles are lovely and tender. Don’t allow meat to go stringy – Timing is key!
Serve with plain white fluffy steamed rice or roti and a tomato & onion sambal salad on the side if you fancy ..See below for recipe suggestion. All are added according to your own taste.
Fluffy White Rice: (use 1/2 cup measured raw uncooked rice per person)
In a microwave oven steamer add your rice together with just enough water to cover (or you may improvise by using a similar microsafe container with a lid). Close lid and cook on high for 20 – 30 minutes or until the rice has absorbed the water. Remember that rice swells to 3 times it’s size when done.
Use same method if cooking in a pot on stove. When rice is close to done, empty into large sieve or colander which you place over a pot of hot simmering water so that rice can steam & fluff up covered by a dinner plate or a pot lid ( what ever you can find to act as a cover without compressing rice). Do not over cook fluff up rice with fork before serving.
Malay Rotis (Makes 7 – 8)         ..OR..   
Roti made with bread flour click here. ;)
A roti is unleavened bread made from flour & is served instead of rice, with chutney. A roti rolled around a curry mince filling is known as a salomi which is a traditional Cape Malay fast food in South Africa.
This recipe comes from the book, “Cape Malay Cooking” by Faldela Williams. I have converted the original recipe to include the 50 g self-raising flour into the cake flour.

400 g (800ml) cake flour
Pinch baking powder
3 ml or (1.5 g) 5 ml salt
45 ml oil or softened butter
250 ml cold water
50 g (100ml) cake flour
90 g butter
50 ml melted butter mixed with 50 ml oil


Combine flours & salt in a bowl. Add oil or butter, rubbing it into flour to form a crumbly mixture. Add water & mix to a soft dough. Knead, adding more flour if required to make an even textured pliable dough.
Leave covered to rest for 30 minutes. Divide dough into 7 – 8 pieces. Roll each out onto a very lightly floured surface, into a circle of 20 cm in diameter. Dot with 15 ml butter & sprinkle with flour. Roll & stretch into thick ropes of dough (See my original handwritten draft here). Roll up both ends of the ropes; one side clockwise & the other side anticlockwise, folding one half flat on top of the other. Rotis may be frozen at this stage, interleavened with plastic film. Allow to rest, covered for about 1 hour. Roll out on a lightly floured surface to circles of about 20 cm in diameter. Heat a heavy based frying pan or an electric frying pan & fry rotis one at a time, turning occasionally, brushing with melted butter & oil mixture using about 10 ml for each one. Fry until golden. Remove from pan & pat between palms of your hands to fluff up surface. Serve & enjoy!

Sambal salad All the below are added to your own individual taste.


Onions, finely diced
Red firm ripe tomatoes, diced into small cubes
English cucumber with peal, diced into small cubes
Green pepper, seeds removed, diced into small cubes (optional)
Pinch of sugar, black pepper & salt added to taste
Fresh coriander leaves (Optional but really not necessary at all)
Brown vinegar added & just a sprinkling water to reduce sharpness, together with a few drops of oil


Mix all together. Being careful not to add too much dressing (vinegar, water & oil) serve & enjoy!
That simple!
My old hand written drafts. My go to recipe I have been using since my twenties :)My old hand written drafts. My go to recipe I have been using since my twenties🙂

My old hand written drafts. My go to recipe I have been using since my twenties :)

My old hand written drafts. My go to recipe I have been using since my twenties🙂

Not too bad an artist I am LOL

I’m not too bad an artist LOLL😀

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