Saturday, 17 September 2016

Homemade Probiotic Greek Yogurt with Fresh Strawberry and Plum Sauce

Delish! Umm! Yum-yum! Feed your gut flora this delicious
dessert packed full of healthy probiotics and enzymes!
Only 3 parts! Packed full of healthy enzymes
and probiotics! ;)

Homemade probiotic Greek Yogurt with or without scoby to
boost Your Probiotics:
Without cooking ..
To a clean glass container for every 1 liter full cream milk stir
in 5 ml plain yogurt and 50 ml cream.
I usually add the yogurt and cream first followed by pouring
my milk in on top which mixes it all about then close
container and forget about it until it begins to thicken
starting which you will see around the walls of your glass
container. Do not disturb. Do not shake or jolt until
yogurt thickens, ferments and forms.
Best to wait for the yogurt to lift off the floor of the container
and for the whey to separate.
Once this happens you may line a sieve with clean dish towel
and with large spoon gently scoop up yogurt to place in sieve
to drain.
If you have a fine meshed sieve you may omit the tea towel
and just drain directly in sieve, preferably overnight for very
thick Greek yogurt or during the course of the day.

Sweetened Strawberries (Macerated):
Wash and hull some fresh strawberries removing their stems.
Place strawberries into bowl on scale and weigh them. To
their total weight add half the amount in sugar.
Now slice them across their lengths into halves and if very
large, into quarters.
Toss all together very well in sugar.
Allow strawberries to absorb the sugar. They will release a lot of
their juices.
Do NOT cook! We don't want to destroy the enzymes!
Set aside tossing every now and then until sugar dissolves
which it will do during the course of the day or overnight -

Plum Sauce:
Select the deepest darkest reddest plums you can find.
Wash plums and cut around the circumference all the way to
the pip forming one perpendicular and one horizontal cut.
Twist sections until you are able to pry away the stone easily.
Place together with their skins in micro-safe container placed
on scale and add half their amount in weight of sugar.
Place in microwave, covered and cook slowly until all sugar
has dissolved.
Once sugar has dissolved cook on high until softened.
When plums have softened, puree with hand held blender
until smooth.
Add optional brandy and a squeeze lemon juice to taste.
Set aside to cool. Refrigerate until chilled.

Puree strawberries with hand held blender right in the
container, reserving some halves for garnish.
Add a few drops brandy and a squeeze lemon juice to taste.
You may add an optional bit of tasteless glycerin for shine if
you wish - which I find really not necessary at all but if you
may go right ahead!
With hand held blender blend Greek yogurt until smooth.
To a transparent stemmed glass goblet add some of your
sweetened plum puree.
Into a piping bag if you wish add some of your thick Greek
yogurt and pipe some on top of your plum puree.
Over the top of your Greek yogurt pour over some of your
strawberry puree. Followed by piping over some more yogurt.
Garnish with some of your fresh reserved pieces of sweetened
Serve and enjoy for a quick and healthy dessert! ;)

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