Thursday, 22 December 2016

Worlds Best Crème Caramel Rice Pudding Ever! Believe me it does NOT get better than this! Enjoy before it's all gone!

Baked Crème Caramel Rice Pud gone in a flash! The best you can get! Better it does NOT get! Plain old simple home style cooking at it’s very best! You can’t get better than this!😉

Applause! The secret to my golden delicious colour is I used 8 egg yolks – No whites. Perfect!

Servings: Calories per 265 g serving: 487 Total Calories in recipe: 3,897 Total Weight of Recipe: 2116 g

Calories made with Rice:
Servings: 8 Calories per 265 g serving: 490 Total Calories in recipe: 3,917 Total Weight of Recipe: 2116 g

I used an all in one double layered silicone coated cake pan.

To remove place suitable serving dish over cake tin. Invert and gently, carefully and slowly lift off cake tin.

You may bake your pudding in a pot or a wok, covered on a rack over simmering water with lid placed onto pot or wok. To not allow water to get in I cover mine with a dinner plate using my double layer cake pan. The size of a cheesecake pan except it’s all in one as seen in pictures.
Instead of 4 yolks and 2 whole egg I replaced it with 8 egg yolks. Gives it a lovely custardy pale yellow colour otherwise to economise you may use 4 whole eggs.

Mmmm! Absolute Heavenly! Didn’t realise rice pud could be soo delish!

200 g (260 ml) rice
1 liter of milk (full cream)
5 ml vanilla essence – I used, I never had pods
2 cap fulls caramel essence (optional) – I used
nutmeg, freshly grated (optional) – I used
2 cinnamon rolls or 10 cinnamon sticks
100 g (110 ml) butter
150 g (190 ml) sugar
80 ml water or as needed
120 ml milk
170 g or 170 ml cream
4 egg yolks, large
2 eggs, large
5 ml vanilla essence
75 g (95 ml) sugar

Cook rice covered, in just enough water to absorb – microwaved 12 minutes. Allow to stand covered until softened.

Prepare the Rice:
Scrape seeds from vanilla pod and add to rice. Do NOT add vanilla essence yet if using instead of the pods. Add the cinnamon rolls or sticks together with butter and milk.
Cook on high in 1000 w microwave for 8 minutes. Set aside to steep.
Cook again on high for another 8 minutes. Stir and allow to steep.
Finally cook a further 6 minutes on high. Set aside to allow cinnamon to steep.

Prepare Caramel:
Preheat oven to 160 ° C.
Dissolve 150 g (190 ml) sugar thoroughly in 80 ml water and only once it has completely dissolved, bring to boil. The minute it starts changing colour – take care not to allow it to change too quickly as it can burn in a wink of an eye.. so take your time. Have your extra 80 ml cold water on hand to pour over and take the temperature down if it looks like it’s turning colour too fast and continue to boil lowering and raising the heat until it is a lovely golden brown and tastes like caramel. Allow caramel to cool in pot making sure it is not thick but just on the syrupy runny
side as caramel sauce should be. Grease or butter very well, a 15 x 10 cm large
bread pan or an all in one round double layer cake pan as I have done or spray with a non-stick cooking spray.
Pour caramel sauce into bread or large cake tin and set aside.

Prepare the Custard:
Bring milk and cream in a clean pot to boil. Beat egg yolks, eggs, vanilla and the 75 g of sugar until light and fluffy with electric beater. Beat extremely well! Pour on hot milk all whilst continuously beating, non stop very well to cook and thicken the eggs. Pour entire mixture through a sieve (optional – I don’t do it) and stir egg mixture into rice mixture blending in well with spoon or spatula. Pour sago mixture over back of spoon or spatula into loaf pan containing caramel sauce. Place pan into a baking dish and fill dish halfway with warm water so water comes halfway up sides of bread tin. 
Cover with foil or suitable cover so that water or steam can run off and not into your pudding. Bake pudding bainmarie (in a hot water bath) 50-60 minutes or until set like jelly, wobbly and just giggly but must be set in the centre. If you place a finger gently around the the outer edges of pudding you should be able to pull it slightly away from the walls of the tin. Remove from oven. Allow to cool 5 minutes. Place a suitable serving dish with side walls to contain the sauce and place over top of pudding and invert. Gently but slowly lift and release pudding from cake tin. Serve either hot, warm or chilled. Good either way.

The surface of the Pud after turning it out how beautiful it looks!


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