Thursday, 2 March 2017

Easy Peasy Crustless Baked or Microwaved Milk Tart / Melktert / Custard Tart or Tartlets - 1st Time Right! - South African

These are lovely when trying to cut back on your calories. If you would like a crust please view my other milk tarts by entering “milk tart” into the search box. I have the most beautiful crusts to choose from ;)
Makes: 12 Muffin sized tartlets using 4 eggs – OR – one 23 cm Milk Tart – OR – 9 Muffins if using 2 eggs
Made with 4 eggs and oven baked
Total Calories: 1,235 with 4 eggs – OR – 1,092 with 2 eggs (using 30 g sugar)
26 g sugar = 98 calories – OR – 30 g sugar = 113 calories.
Made with 2 eggs and oven baked
For Catering purposes or to make for easier handling and transport you may use 4 eggs instead of 2 but 2 will deliver a softer setting milk tart which will then be more delicate to handle.
If you are baking them in bulk for a function use 4 eggs which will give them more stability. However if you are baking them for home use you may use the 2 eggs for a softer setting milk tart. Refrigerated overnight to set up.
20 g melted butter
26 g – 30 g sugar, or to taste
72 g (144 ml) cake flour
4 g (2.4 ml) pinch salt, to taste
4 large eggs – But – You may use 2 for a softer set but allow to set refrigerated overnight
600 ml milk
2.5 ml caramel essence
5 ml vanilla essence
1 drop almond essence
pinch nutmeg, to taste
5 ml cinnamon, for dusting
30 butter for greasing (for greasing muffin or tart foil pan)
1st Method (If baking):
Grease muffin pan or pie foil/tart plate with 30 g butter.
Preheat oven to 180 C
Weigh butter into microwave mixing bowl and cook 26 seconds on high to melt. Cool to body temperature. Add sugar, flour, salt and eggs to butter mixture, stir with beaters switched off until all flour is thoroughly wetted and incorporated. Switch on beaters and beat until smooth and lump free gradually adding the milk.
Add the balance of ingredients to taste. Beat well and as soon as oven is ready pour mixture evenly into muffin tin.
Bake 220 C for about 20 minutes or until just set in center but still with a slight wobble.
Remove from oven when set in center and dust with cinnamon. Cool and and remove from tin or refrigerate in tin overnight or 1 – 2 hours if you used the 4 egg recipe.

2nd Method (for microwave):
Grease muffin pan or pie foil or tart plate with 30 g butter.
In a micro-safe container, beat the first 4 ingredients together until a smooth paste.
Gradually beat in the milk until you have a smooth lump free mixture.
Cook mixture on high 3 minutes per time beating in between.
Very quickly before mixture cools, place back in microwave oven and cook a further 3 minutes. Beat again to smooth out mixture.
Repeat until mixture tastes cooked and has thickened.
Add butter, nutmeg and essences to taste.
Beat again – A stick blender here held on an angle is very good for incorporating the air but don’t over do it or you will end up losing air.
Divide mixture evenly into a 12 section muffin pan or one 23 cm diameter pie foil plate.
Dust surface with cinnamon. Set aside to cool and refrigerate to set up overnight if you have used the 2 eggs or for 1 – 2 hours if 4 eggs were used.
Oven baked – Made with 2 eggs
Enjoy! 😉

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