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Chock full of healthy Probiotics with a Prebiotic Mango Puree to feed your probiotics. What more can your gut bacteria ask for!
The bonus about this dessert is it will keep for a good time refrigerated due to it’s bacteria.
The filling will also make a wonderful cake icing loaded with live healthy good for you bacteria!
You are going to love this one! – Enjoy! ðŸ˜‰

The uncooked mango puree contains enzymes which are beneficial to your gut flora and for helping to clean up your colon

274 g cream may replace part of your cream cheese if you run out – In my case I do add cream sometimes if I run short. Cream sets firmly in the presence of the live bacteria in my homemade cream cheese.
If your mango is already sweet you may leave out the sugar or add sugar according to taste.
Cream cheese must be well drained in a pillowcase lined sieve, covered with dinner plate on kitchen counter or overnight refrigerated.
If you make cream cheese regularly – you will notice a bit of whey in the bottom of your storage bowl in which you are storing it. If your cream cheese is not well drained this whey is going to seep out into your crust giving you a soggy result.
The vanilla pudding powder may be replaced with vanilla sugar or essence according to taste.
Sugar is all up to your own taste – I don’t like much sugar so you may add more if you wish to your biscuit crust, your filling and pureed mangoes – The sugar will dissolve of self.
Biscuits are of your choice so use whatever you wish. A lot of people tend to agree that gingersnaps make a wonderful cheesecake crust, which I too tend to agree upon ðŸ˜‰

This took just 2 hours to set refrigerated at top back coldest section of refrigerator


200 g biscuits
40 g sugar, granulated or to taste – some biscuits are sweeter than others
114 g butter, melted – on high 60 minutes, covered in microwave – cooled to body temp

Butter a 23 cm large springform cake pan.
Break up biscuits and place in food processor with metal blade on and pulse until you have fine crumbs or a little coarser if you wish or you may place in bag and crush with feet or rolling pin ðŸ™‚
Melt butter 60 seconds in microsafe container, covered until hot.
Empty crumbs into springform pan and using a teaspoon stir in the hot melted butter until it resembles wet sand. Press crumb mixture into base of pan, taking it up part of the way on sides of pan if wish.
Do NOT cook your mango puree as the enzymes will be destroyed is needed as a prebiotic for your probiotics to feed on in your filling which boosts the bacteria in your gut – In other words you are feeding it to keep it alive! ðŸ˜‰

After slicing refrigerated on its base

1.360 kg cream cheese, well drained
170 g sugar, granulated or more according to your own taste
218 g milk powder, full cream – use a good brand (I used Crystal Valley Full cream)
32 g vanilla pudding powder – may replace with vanilla sugar or essence to taste
132 g (132 ml) [4 med] Lemons juiced, freshly squeezed or according to your own taste
90 g butter, melted, cooled to body temperature not to kill the bacteria
15 ml lemon zest

Weigh butter in microsafe bowl and melt covered on high for 60 seconds. Remove and set aside, covered to cool down to body temperature – You don’t want to destroy your probiotics.
Add cream cheese to bowl together with sugar, milk powder and vanilla – stir mixture with beaters switched off until all powders are well incorporated into the cheese mixture.
Switch on beaters and beat until you have a smooth lump free cream.
Remove zest from lemons before juicing and set aside.
Juice your lemons.
Add the balance of your ingredients to taste – adding more sugar and or lemon juice as needed. Beat well and lastly fold through your lemon zest – adding more if you wish.
Empty filling contents into your pre prepared crust and refrigerate on top back shelf 2 hours to set.

100 % uncooked sugar free mango puree – You may add sugar to your liking if you wish. Do not cook

1.142 kg (2 large) mangoes, whole – fresh [nice and sweet ]
sugar, granulated to taste – If you feel it needs sugar

Wash whole mangoes and shake dry.
Over a bowl large enough to contain pulp of mangoes, cut them in half. Remove seed, scrapping pulp into bowl. Remove their skin and scrape pulp off skins into bowl. give skin a good squeeze over bowl to remove their juices – Discard seed and skins or eat them for colon health – I do. It’s good fiber ðŸ˜‰
With a stick blender puree mixture adding sugar to taste if needed – Do NOT cook this puree because the enzymes will be destroyed and we need this as a prebiotic for your probiotics in your filling which will boost your gut bacteria ðŸ™‚
To Serve:
After 2 hours of refrigeration, remove cake an place resting on coffee tin. Unclip the side walls of springform pan and gently lift pan off it’s base. Place on serving platter. I just leave my cheesecake on it’s base.

To Slice:
Bring a tall jug the length of your smooth edged cake knife to a rolling boil. Place knife in hot water jug. Remove and slice cake into 8 sections – cleaning knife off and dipping into hot water before cutting the next slice and so on.

Serve with your mango or strawberry puree and enjoy! 

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