Saturday, 24 September 2016

Bottled Roasted Meat - Magical microwave Roast Beef Brisket or Stewing Beef - Melt in the mouth divine!!

Absolute Delish! – Tastes just like oven slow roasted meat, if not better! Cooks in it’s own vacuum of steam, juices and fats. You will NEVER guess it was cooked in a microwave! Your guests won’t know the difference!😉 Why ? You are going to slow cook it at a temperature lower than defrost. Starting at a temperature of 10 % power on and off allowing it to rest on counter top in between cooking for duration of day that’s if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen as I do. When it starts bubbling up and sizzling – Do not allow pressure to continue building up as glass jar will burst open and break! Remove from oven to allow to continue cooking on your counter top. When temperature drops you may return it to the microwave oven to continue cooking so on and so forth until meat is tenderly done.
How I stumbled upon this recipe: One day when the cat ran out of food I took out some stewing beef from the freezer in it’s meat tray covered in plastic wrap I placed it on defrost in microwave and as it came closer to thawing out I lowered the temperature to low which is lower than defrost and continued cooking it directly in it’s sealed package. And Wow! It came out absolutely divine!
The steam built up to together with it’s juices as it roasted and browned directly in it’s package. I know this is unhealthy but didn’t think of it at the time – Those days we didn’t have much internet. The meat was just like roast beef and the cat absolutely loved it! And that cat lived to the ripe old age of 21! I discovered this was a delicious way of roasting pieces if stewing beef until it just falls off of the bone. Just a bit of salt it takes once it is done and that’s all it needs. – It doesn’t dry out. It is moist, juicy with an out crispy crust where the fat layers have crisped up.
It usually takes me around 4 – 6 hours.
Use meat which has marbled fats between layers and pack jar tightly and close lid.
Metal only arcs or sparks if placed on floor of microwave turntable. Many a time I have reheated apple pies and Tipsy tarts in pie foil container in microwavecentered and placed on an upturned saucer successfully without any sparks or arcing at all. Just to be safe, make sure that you are in the kitchen whilst doing so.😉
Use a quality glass preserving jar with similar strength to that of a mayonnaise jar. Glass jars made today are very thin – therefore be warned! Those of a few years back into the 70’s – 90’s are the best. The come with very strong metal clips which will not arc or spark in the microwave as they are not in line with the microwave beams so long as you have your glass jar centered on your microwave turntable.
De bone your meat before packing into glass jar. I usually use a stewing beef like brisket or one with good fat layers in between. The meat will roast and brown in it’s own steam, fats and juices.
Below is just a sample of how I used to do it. I never add water to mine!! I have also broken many a glass preserving jar by doing it in microwave by allowing pressure to build up too much in closed jar through impatience – so please do have lots of patience! Make sure you remove it when you see pressure building up and put it on counter top to continue cooking. Lids must be sealed tight with rings on. It will do it’s magic inside the bottle. Don’t worry about the metal rings of jars, as they will not be hit by the microwave beams. The beams bypass them as they as they do so as they cross the floor area on turntable.
The meat will still taste just like oven roasted and you will never notice the difference because it cooks under the same method – Even better – in it’s own vacuum of steam, juices and fat.😉 Enjoy and don’t shout at me if your jar breaks.😉 Just go slow and be careful then you have nothing to worry about. Take your time and just don’t rush.😉

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