Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Welsh Rarebit – Real Tasty Creamy Cheesy Eggs Poured over Hot Buttered Toast! Yummy!

This was our usual light Sunday supper in the Beetham Family Household after the heavy Sunday roast. – Something I used to look forward to every Sunday eve. Twas lovely poured over hot buttered toast which would become all soggy whilst sucking it up. Lovely if you feel like something real tasty, creamy and cheesy yet simple! & just the way I like it! Nostalgia on a plate!🙂 

If you really want to go to town then try this one with cheese wine and leeks which has my top vote!  

6 eggs, large
40 g cornflour (Optional)
1 liter whole / full cream milk
5 ml salt or to taste
250 g grated cheddar cheese to taste (Your favorite sharp cheddar cheese)

Weigh cornflour into micro safe mixing bowl on scale. Add eggs and cream with hand held stick blender or beaters until smooth.
Bring milk to a rolling boil and whilst whisking continuously pour the boiling milk over the egg mixture whizzing until becomes nice smooth and thickened. Quickly put back in micro-safe container and cook at intervals of 2 -3 minutes whisking in between just until you can taste that the cornflour and eggs are cooked.
DO NOT OVER COOK OR THE CORNFLOUR WILL LOSE its THICKENING PROPERTIES! Remove, stir in grated cheese and serve over hot buttered toast.


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