Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Dry Roasted (Raw) Peanuts or How to Roast or Refresh any other Nuts in a Microwave.

Sometimes purchased nuts are not as fresh as you would like. Use this method

to refresh them and bring their crunch back.
Raw nuts without the added oil are lower in calories and far healthier too.
It’s just that simple, quick and easy in your microwave.
This is a method for a microwave turntable that has packed up, as both mine
have and it works great for me too!😉
50g raw peanuts or any other nuts
Salt to taste (Optional)
Weigh peanuts into a small microsafe tea or coffee cup. Do NOT add salt!
Cook in 1000w microwave on high for 1.30 – 1.40 minutes.
When it begins to sizzle, remove every +/- 20 seconds and stir them around
with a fork. Continue doing so until done. You will notice the nuts will begin to
form splits as they are roasting. Do not allow them to burn and watch and
listen to them carefully. Remove when done and only then may you add salt.
Give them a good stir to coat with salt. Allow to cool and enjoy!

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