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Hungarian Chicken Paprikash or Paprika with Magical Recipe for Mashed Potatoes ..This is real Delish !! I can assure you it’s addictive !!

When I first made this recipe I made it again and again and I’m sure you will too!😉

Calories: 4,145 in whole recipe without sour cream, rice, mash or pasta.
Weight of whole Recipe: 4.124 kg without sour cream, rice, mash or pasta.
See: to alter ingredients or calories
100g rice, uncooked: Calories 365 (per serving)
250ml sour cream contains 434 calories
Servings: 6 – 8
The best ever!! Serve with rice, mash or pasta & sour cream.
Notes: Do not use a plain South African supermarket brand of paprika, it is awful & better to go without. It will still taste good. May sub with a bit of bacon cooked separately and added last for smokey flavour if you cannot get smoked paprika. If in Port Elizabeth Spice Cafe in Sunridge Shopping mall opposite Woolworths sells it
*Note:* Fresh cayenne chilies may be substituted with cayenne pepper up to a maximum of 1 sachet (7g)**
**If you would like to change the below ingredient amounts, just use copy paste and add them on in the same way I have done below** Weigh your food, count your calories and good luck with your diet!
1.882kg chicken thighs, whole (Skin on) bone in
200ml water
564g onions, (3 medium to large) peeled
Salt to taste
6g cayenne pepper (2-3 red cayenne peppers), fresh
270ml water (To wash out food processor bowl) after pureeing first lot of veggies [14429]. Cayenne peppers & onions.
562g tomatoes, whole (3 Roma / Italian oval shape) or jam tomatoes in SA
36g garlic (6 – 8 fresh cloves), peeled
3 sweet peppers (large), whole. Any colors
224ml water to (To wash out food processor bowl) after pureeing second lot of veggies [14429]. (garlic, tomatoes and sweet peppers).
20g smoked paprika (30ml + 7.5ml) Do not use a plain SA brand, it is awful! Better to go without
10ml Origanum, dried (Optional) [144560]
1/4 tsp black pepper (Optional)
To serve: 250 g sour cream, regular (Optional) 250 ml – Total Calories: 535
Serve with Plain Steamed Rice
Total Weight: 800 g
Total Calories: 2,920
800g rice, uncooked (100g to serve per person)
Serve with Potato Mash Plain Style:
Total Weight: 2.660 kg
Total Calories: 2,671
2.460kg Potatoes, unpeeled (307 g to serve per person)
100g butter
100g cream
Salt to taste
Place chicken breast fat side down in heavy bottomed pot. Add one small cup
(200ml) water and bring to a simmer until fats are released.
Place roughly chopped onions together with fresh whole cayenne chilies into
food processor with metal blade on and pulse until pureed.
Add to pot together with water you use to clean out bowl and allow to saute together with chicken in it’s released fats.
Do not let chicken get stringy if looks like it is, remove and set aside.
Add garlic cloves, sweet peppers broken up and roughly chopped tomatoes to food processor (metal blade on) and whizz until finely chopped.
Add balance of ingredients together with water you uses to clean out food processor bowl, simmer 5 – 10 minutes. Add seasonings and serve with a swirl sour cream garnished with
parsley over mash, pasta or rice. Enjoy!
Note: 1 cup of uncooked rice serves 3 & swells
to 3 times it’s size once cooked. Steam rice in microwave steamer 20 minutes on high or add to boil with water just to cover. Once cooked, add to sieve placed over pot boiling water and cover rice in sieve with dinner plate until cooked and fluffy when forked.
You may convert the above recipe to using chicken fillets or tenders.
1 whole chicken (bone & skin on) consists of 62 % meat). Make sure it is drained well and not pumped full of water.

How to make the fluffiest mashed potatoes

Calories (Whole recipe): 2,580 Weight of whole Recipe: 2894 g Servings: 6 – 8
Are your mashed potatoes gloppy rather than wonderfully fluffy? The key to
the fluffiest one’s begins with using the proper potatoes, keeping them as dry
as possible while they cook, and using the best tool for the job.. A ricer of
course! I press my hot potatoes through the holes of a colander with a potato
Masher or you may use a large tablespoon and a sieve, adding one potato per time. Works well if you don’t have a ricer.
Use a russet or Idaho potatoes. In South Africa they are the very large fat round ugly
dirty skinned potatoes. They have the highest starch content which makes it the
perfect potato to use.
**Add NO salt whatsoever to your potatoes or they will NOT soften up! Do NOT pile them on top of one another. The steam must circulate around them.
Season only once potatoes are fluffy soft.
Ingredients: (Mashed Potatoes)
2.020kg peeled steamed potatoes, peeled Steamed, pressed though sieve
760ml/g milk (Heat with below ingredients)
100g butter
2.5ml salt
small pinch black, cayenne or white pepper, which ever you prefer
1g nutmeg, grated (to taste)
Peal potatoes. Keep them covered with water so they do not come into contact with air and turn brown. I place mine in microwave steamer in 2 batches and steam for 20 minutes in a 1000w microwave. Boiling the potatoes introduces more moisture
to your potatoes, so steaming is best.
Melt butter in milk and add your seasonings because you don’t want to
over mix your ready riced or sieved potatoes. Add seasoning to the heated milk & butter
mixture and just swirl it around to dissolve the salt & pepper into the liquid.
You may steep any flavorings you like in your milk, as now is the time to do
it, like rosemary, garlic or any aromatics that you would like in your mashed
potatoes.Pour your heated buttermilk mixture over your hot riced or sieved potatoes & give it a gentle stir so that it is nicely combined and all you have to do is serve it in a
nice warm serving bowl so that your mashed potatoes don’t get cold.
If using a ricer:
With a tongs place your softened steamed potatoes into the center of the ricer
which is called the hopper of the ricer, filling it about 2/3rds of the way & all
you do is you press down, kind of like a citrus press, you press down & the
wonderful steamed potatoes are going to rice out of the bottom and the sides
of the round holes of the ricer or your colander if using one.
Try prevent using a food processor, a blender or even a hand held mixer,
because what they do is they shear through the potatoes and starch granules &
they create a very gluey and gooey mashed potatoes so avoid these machines!
There you have it. 3 simple tricks to serve the fluffiest mashed potatoes!

Note: With the technique of steaming the water vaporous are at the same temperature as if you were to boil potatoes.
But the advantage of steaming is you are not introducing an excessive amount
of moisture into the potatoes which give you this gloppy kind of mashed
potato. So steaming is really the best way to cook your potatoes.
Once peeled, cut potatoes in half & leave in pretty big chunks.
Have a steamer basket set over about 2 inches of boiling water. Arrange
potatoes in a single layer so that they cook at a uniform rate.
These amounts of ingredients will probably take anything from 20 – 25
minutes to steam. Using a ricer which looks like a metal sieve or made from
stainless steel with little round holes in it with a little like handle like press
on it, together with metal flat disk to press down on potatoes, creates the
fluffiest mashed potatoes. (Look out for one in any bake-ware shop). If you don’t
have a ricer with round holes to press your potatoes through, use a potato masher together with a colander or a sieve together with a tablespoon to press 1 potato through at a time.

Chicken Paprikash using chicken thighs and legsChicken Paprikash using chicken thighs and legs

Use the best quality smoked Paprika you can get your hands onUse the best quality smoked Paprika you can get your hands on

I get my smoked paprika from the Indian spice shop in Sunridge Park Center . The only place I can find it.I get my smoked paprika from the Indian spice shop in Sunridge Park Center . The only place I can find it.

A Ricer. Look out for them at bake ware shops or use a sieve if you don't have one. It works well. I use a sieve.A Ricer. Look out for them at bake ware shops or use a sieve if you don’t have one. It works well. I use a sieve.

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