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How to make Homemade Condensed Milk – Evaporated Milk and French Vanilla Latte Instant Powder Mix – Just Like Bought! – First Time Right!

I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!
You won't tell the difference as long as you use a good quality full cream milk powder. This has become my go to recipe and tastes just like the bought Nestle version!

Total Calories of Recipe : 1,409               Total Weight of Recipe: 428 g

An Example: Checkers brand condensed milk’s net weight minus tin is 385 g = 1, 274 calories in 1 tin of bought condensed milk.
For South Africans “Crystal Valley Full Cream Milk Powder available at Checkers Shoprite is the better of the two milk powders listed below but if you want to economize you may use Country Pasture sold by Makro to make your evaporated milk and condensed milk but be warned you will taste it. although it is really not too bad – I did not notice it when using it in my French Vanilla Latte Powder. It’s really not bad as a milk replacement in coffee. With a dairy allergy I find I react less to milk powder than I do to fresh milk. However you may use the cheaper alternative if you want to cut costs but I would only recommend using it in your latte powder mix.

Note: With Crystal Valley Full Cream Milk Powder 125 g will make you 1 liter ..With Makro’s Country Pasture brandwhich comes in a 4 kg bag – 100 g of powder will make you 1 liter                                                                                       

Condensed Milk

160 g (250 ml) milk powder, full cream
80 g (80 ml) boiled water
44 g (3 Tbsp) butter, melted – butter is preferable to margarine
144 g (166 ml) sugar

I just weigh in the milk powder followed by adding the butter in cubes small enough to dissolve. I then weigh in the sugar, followed by weighing in the boiled water slowly pouring it over the top to melt top contents. I then give it all a good stir with a thin steak knife (blade long enough to reach bottom of measuring jug or cup. Make sure you give it a good stir to incorporate all the milk powder laying on the bottom. Cover and refrigerate. Use within the next few days. Make up fresh as needed.
Calorie Counting Notes: Calories in 100 g Country Pasture powdered milk = 2060 kj divide x 4.418 = 466 calories per 100 g powder.
1 millilitre (ml) of butter in volume equals 0.96 grams (g) in butter mass.

     Evaporated Milk

Makes: 500 g      Total Calories with Butter: 769      Total Calories without Butter: 554 
I always add the butter – It gives you creaminess and stability.  
As long as you keep powdered milk on hand you can whip this up anytime you need it.
Note: I have made this successfully using the brand “Country Pasture” available from makro however I did taste it. – Therefore it is best to use a good quality brand like “Crystal Valley” sold by Checkers Shoprite in South Africa.

310 g (310 ml) hot water
30 g (30 ml) butter
160 g (250 ml) milk powder, full cream

Method: Weigh water into micro-safe container and heat up in microwave until boiling (I use a large shaker microwave safe plastic container). Place container with hot water on scale and weigh in the butter. Stir or swirl it around until it is dissolved. Place container back onto scale and weigh in the milk powder. Place lid on shaker and shake until thoroughly dissolved. Place into coldest back section of fridge together with beaters to chill overnight especially if you are going to be whipping your evaporated milk – If not just place into back section of fridge to chill.

French Vanilla Latte Instant Mix Powder – For Hot or Iced Coffee 

Total Weight of Recipe: 292 g        Total Calories of Recipe: 1,080
Total servings: 10 = 85 calories per 22 g serving per small coffee cup without added sugar.
Note on Calories: 250 ml Ellis Brown Coffee Creamer weighs: 124 g = Calories: 636  – I weighed all my below ingredients and calculated the calories straight off their packages. – But be warned in many cases the calories can be understated on packages.
I find it is better not to add any sugar. For those that like their coffee stronger you may add a little extra coffee or sugar to your cup upon serving.

160 g (250 ml) powdered milk……………………….554 calories (Country Pasture)
60 g (125 ml) coffee creamer, powdered……….318 calories (Ellis Brown)
36 g  (1/3 cup) instant coffee………………………72 calories
36 g (1/4 cup) vanilla pudding, instant………….136 calories (90 g box Moir’s instant pudding = 339 calories)
Method: In a blender, combine the milk powder, creamer, coffee granules, sugar and pudding mix. Cover and process until mixture is a fine powder. Store in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

60 ml (1/4 cup) of latte powder mix
180 ml (3/4 cup) hot water
Method: Add latte powder mix to coffee cup. Add hot water and stir well before serving.

60 ml (1/4 cup) latte powder mix
60 ml (1/4 cup) hot water
60 ml (1/4 cup) cold water
125 ml ice (1/2 cup) cubes

Method: Dissolve powder mix in hot water and stir in the cold water. Transfer to blender. Add ice. Cover and process until blended.
Country Pasture is the most economical to use for this – Not even I could taste it.

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