Thursday, 30 June 2016

Ouma’s or Grandmother’s Sweet Potatoes in Old Fashioned Boerekos Style! Lovely served with Roasts. Sweet but Delish! Vegan and Vegetarian friendly!

This is real South African Boerekos or Afrikaner fare.

Lovely if done with ordinary potatoes too. Especially if you are out
of sweet potatoes.
This dish originates from the Dutch Settlers. Served as a vegetable
side dish.
Lovely served with a Sunday roast. Use a simmer ring or metal
plate under your pot if you have one to prevent burning.
Notes: You may par-cook your potatoes for 10 minutes steamed in sealed container with 3 mm water and then cut into thick slices. Peels peel right off.
Add sugar to taste. You may bake this dish on a cookie sheet in oven too.
Try to not disturb potatoes whilst cooking as they are best left alone on a low heat for an hour or so or until all moisture is absorbed.

2 lbs (900g) sweet potatoes, washed (peeled and sliced)
dried naartie peel (optional)
3 oz (85.05 g) butter
250 ml water
1 cup (230 g) golden brown sugar
cinnamon stick
nutmeg, to taste (optional)
to taste

Wash potatoes in salted water. Place in a heavy bottomed stew pan together with dried naartie peel, 3 oz butter,
stick cinnamon, 1 cup (230 g) golden brown sugar, salt to taste and 1 small cup of water.
Simmer gently and when the potatoes are cooked, and the water
has boiled away, increase the heat and fry to a golden brown.
Remove the cinnamon sticks and naartjie peel before serving.

Note: A heavy bottomed pot should be used with metal plate or simmer ring placed beneath pot or sweet potatoes tend to burn instead of brown.
You may add a little white wine if desired or replace water with wine. *Add salt to taste only once potatoes are really soft as salt too soon will prevent them from