Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Late Granny Farndon’s Famous Bread and Butter Pudding that all the little Farndons grew up on.

This comes from a very old friend, Ced – The son of the late granny Farndon who has also since passed on. 

I must’ve tried 20 bread and butter puddings until I got to this one and have never tried another since!
So grateful for this recipe! I searched all my life for a good Bread and Butter Pudding!
A Big Thank You Granny Farndon and Ced in the upstairs!
You won’t be forgotten for this one!  ;)

A great way to use up left over stale white bread

125 ml cup stale or fresh breadcrumbs (4 oz)
64 ml cup sugar (2 oz)
62.5 ml butter (2 oz)
500 ml milk (1 US pint = 473.17 ml 1 UK or imperial pt = 568.26 ml )
2 extra large eggs
Apricot Jam

Boil milk.
Pour over the bread.
Add sugar and butter.
Allow to cool.
Beat eggs well and add to the mixture.
Grease a pie dish.
Put a layer of jam on bottom of dish and pour over the mixture.
You may use the back of large spoon.
Bake at 180 C / 350 F until done.
Serve and enjoy!

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