Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A more simpler version of Lancashire Hot Pot – From My big Sister Debbie – Drop dead Delicious and great for those cold winter nights to warm the soul!

This is a more simplified version.

Mutton is best for this dish, as it does not fall apart during the slow cooking process, has more flavour and is leaner.
Serve over fluffy white rice, with or without extra veggies on the side.
1 kg chump chops or other lamb stewing cuts like ribs, breast, neck, knuckles or best end lamb chops.
Seasoned flour (just salt & pepper is all you need) to toss meat in
2 large onions, cut into rings
8 – 9 leeks or 1 bunch (may replace with onions or reduce as you wish but onions make delish!)
5 – 6 medium potatoes, sliced into rings
4 carrots, medium in size, sliced into rings
Fresh parsley, 3 sprigs
black pepper to taste, freshly ground
Chicken bouillon or stock cubes, dissolved in hot water
Optional: Bay leaf/leaves and thyme to taste
Toss meat in seasoned flour to coat.
In Pyrex or slow cooker or any other oven dish with lid – metal being the better conductor of heat will save energy. Layer half the veggies then all the meat, ending with potatoes.
Pour up to 500 ml stock down sides of oven dish. Dot top of potatoes with lard or butter or pieces of fat from chops.
Bake 150 – 160 C for about 3 hrs or until done. – Enoy!😉