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Curry Lamb Chops - Sosaties or Kebabs For Braai or Barbecue! – Just wait until you taste these Kerrietjops!

Best Finger Licking Barbecue Chops Ever! You will be sorry you didn’t make more! So drop dead delish you will lick your plate! A braai in South Africa is just NOT a braai without these chops! This is a well known recipe throughout South Africa and goes well with side dishes like stywe pap, coleslaw, potato salad curry green beans or curried cabbage (recipes still to post) together with a crusty French garlic buttered loaf orbraaibroodjies. Best Ever kerrietjops (Curry Chops) you will ever eat in your life! – I promise!😉

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Chef Tip: Prevent chops from burning, especially mutton by stir-frying them quickly or just until they are close to done before placing on fire. Do this only after they have completed marinating so they are partially cooked and will only need to brown on the fire and can be done before they get a chance to burn due to the high sugar content of the marinade they really will burn UGLY if you don’t take this step! See in picture how quickly they burned and they were lamb chops! – An old Chinese secret for sweet and sour sticky ribs is to pre-steam them first, then stir-fry until done or close to done especially if they are going to place them over a fire.😉

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Total weight of recipe: 1.435kg Total Calories: 2,520
1 kg lamb chops
1 large onion
20 g butter
1/7 of a chili (green) I use 8 g or half red half green cayenne chili
10 ml curry powder (I used Rajah Medium Curry Powder)
10 ml turmeric
1 bay leaf
5 ml mustard
75 ml brown sugar
10 ml apricot jam or to taste
83 ml chutney (I used a peach chutney but you may use any you prefer)
83 ml white vinegar
15 ml Worcestershire sauce
Salt to taste
Chop chili and onion.
Saute green chili and onion in butter until golden brown.
Add the balance of ingredients. Allow to simmer over low heat until cooked.
Adjust seasonings and set aside to cool.
Place lamb chops in a dish with sealable lid and pour over cooled marinade. Cover and refrigerate for 4 -5 days turning every now and then so marinade penetrates before braaing.
Serve with stywe pap, mash or curried green bean salad and a garlic French buttered loaf at a braai.
See below for the original bulk recipe ingredients.
This recipe originally came from the mother of Sophia Maria Schutte when she got engaged in Koffiefontein 1984. You need the following for + – 10 people:
Thank you so much to Deon for donating this recipe!
2-3 kg (20) lamb chops
3 Large onions
2 Green chillies
2 Tablespoons Curry (Mild or Medium Rajah)
2 tablespoons Turmeric
2-3 Bay leaves
1 tablespoon Mustard
250 ml brown sugar
30 ml apricot jam (to taste)
250 ml chutney
250 ml white vinegar
45 ml Worcestershire sauce
See above method
Tips: To make a curried egg salad for braai South African style you may make up half an extra amount of marinade on the side and hard boil some eggs. slice the eggs in half. When curry sauce is cooked pour over eggs and serve cold. This should be enough for an 8 – 10 curried egg salad which marries very well together at a braai with coleslaw and potato salad! This too will make lovely chicken curry pies – something I plan to create at a later stage.Enjoy your fingerlicking South African braai!😉

This marinade may also be used to make sosaties or kebabs. Threaded cubes of lamb leg or shoulder on a stick interspersed with sweet capsicum peppers and onions - Marinated and cooked in the same way.

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