Saturday, 30 July 2016

Haddock in Creamy Cheese Sauce – à la Delish in a Dish!

Simply served with steamed carrots, petit pois and new potatoes. – A very quick ‘n easy weeknight dins or supper – Very lovely! It’s cheesy and its good, light and yummy!😉

Total Calories: 2,579 Total Weight of Recipe: 1573 g   Calories and weight do not include veggies and optional cream or sour cream.
Serves: 3 – 4
1.25 ml black peppercorns (12 whole), to taste 
1 carrot (1/2 a large), peeled and sliced diagonally 
1 celery stalk, chopped 
1 (1 g) bay leaf, crushed (tsp,+crumbled) 
2 sprigs parsley (2.5 ml dried) 
1 onion (large), sliced 
600 g Haddock fillets, frozen 
45 ml lemon juice
Cheese Sauce: 
71 ml (68 g) butter 
132 ml (68 g) cake flour or all-purpose flour 
382 ml whole milk 
pinch nutmeg 
pinch white pepper 
210 g cheddar cheese, grated

Optional: Cream or sour cream added to taste when sauce is ready.

In order of above ingredients add the first 6 ingredients to a saucepan – whole peppercorns, carrot, celery, bay, parsley and onion.

Empty contents of bag into saucepan together with milk as it contains a lot of the flavor from the haddock

Arrange haddock fillets on top of veggies in your saucepan and pour over any liquids or juice remaining in sealed bag haddock was purchased in.
Add lemon juice and 382 ml / 382 g milk and poach gently covered until fish flakes with a fork and is cooked. 
Gently with a spatula or egg lifter remove fish and set aside.
Continue simmering veggies and milk until veggies are tender.
Make up a beurre manie (French kneaded butter) by kneading the flour into the butter until you have a paste.
Bring milk to a medium boil and add your beurre maine or French kneaded butter in the size of peas, stirring briskly until thickened. As soon a sauce is cooked turn off your heat.
Puree all your veggies in saucepan to a cream with a stick blender.
Add white pepper, nutmeg to taste and a pinch salt only if needed. 
If you are using a casserole dish you may gently slip your haddock fillets back in under the sauce. Cover surface with grated cheese and place casserole under grill element until cheese has melted and is to your liking. 

Serve – enjoy! and Bon Appétit!😉