Monday, 4 July 2016

How to make coffee or tea in a microwave the correct way! – You will never go back to using a kettle again and the bonus.. You will save on your energy bills!

I learned this little trick years ago when my kettle packed up and I will never go back to using a kettle again! Ever!

Purchase a small porcelain milk jug of about 340 ml in capacity if you are a single person or any suitably sized microsafe jug for your family size. This will replace your kettle forever and you will never look back! – It tastes exactly the same as water poured out from a kettle excepting you do not taste the element which sometimes happens in  kettle boiled water.
It’s only when you boil tea or coffee directly in your cup in a microwave that it spoils but not when you replace your kettle with a jug of microwave boiled water. – I call it my microwave kettle!😉

Here’s how..

Fill up jug with enough water for 1 cup of coffee or tea.
Place in 1000 watt microwave and boil for 160 seconds or until the water just begins to boil. Time it and stop your microwave the minute it comes to the boil and this way you will know how long to time it for your own microwave oven.
Do not allow the water to continue boiling.
As soon as it comes to the boil microwave must switch off. – So it’s just a matter of getting your timing right!

Have cup ready with coffee or teabag and continue as you would with kettle boiled water.
Voila! – Enjoy Your Microwave Kettle!