Thursday, 18 August 2016

World's Best Crème Caramel Sago Pudding Ever! Comforting home style pudding at it's very best! Better it doesn't get! ;)

Serve this to the queen and she will say.. “Oh My! This is the BEST Sago pudding I have EVER tasted!” This will become a firm family favorite! I promise!

😉Perfect for all seasons – Served warm or cold. Everybody who tastes this will ask for the recipe – That I promise!😉 This has been the recipe I have been searching for all my life since first tasting it at aged 21. An unforgettable recipe! Throughout my years I never forgot this recipe – I kept looking for it! I never forget a good recipe!😉 Finally now, aged 55 I have it! Yay!!!!! Thanks to Sarie Magazine!🙂 So here it is just the way I remember it! Made by a chef so many years ago in Port Elizabeth who religiously made it every week for their Sunday Roast Menu and this dessert was always a hit! And gone in a flash! I promise you, you are going to enjoy this one! Love this recipe!! I can eat it every day!! This is good old fashioned home style cooking at it’s very best !! This is absolutely Delish! – Nostalgia in a bowl!! So plain yet so simple!!I remember how the chef used to serve this: He would make up an extra caramel sauce. Throw in some water together with Safari mixed dried fruit and stew them, topping up with water until tender – It was absolutely delicious!

  • Tip: Use the recipe to make caramel sauce in the same 
fashion to bake all your bread and or rice puddings too.😉

Servings: 8     Total Calories of recipe: 3,386 

Total Weight of recipe: 1932 gThis recipe is just unforgettable! All my years I never forgot you!

Notes: You may replace the 4 egg yolks and 2 whole eggs with
4 whole (large) eggs – which is what I used.You may make extra caramel sauce to serve on the side if you have a sweet tooth. Allow pudding to set overnight refrigerated. If using 4 whole large eggs as I have done, then it is not necessary to pour mixture through sieve – Just beat whole eggs and sugar very well with electric beater until fluffy, followed by pouring in your hot milk and cream mixture. I used 10 average sized cinnamon sticks or sometimes I just use 2 whole rolled cinnamon sticks. I never had a vanilla pod and never added but did add vanilla essence to taste but it may be omitted. You may add some optional freshly grated nutmeg to taste which is also lovely together with the cinnamon flavour if you wish. Be wary of adding cinnamon powder and vanilla essence as it can taint the color of your dessert. If you don’t have cinnamon sticks, you may sprinkle with cinnamon powder, nutmeg or combination upon serving. You may bake this in a wok with your bread pan resting on the side walls of your wok over gently boiling water, covered so water / steam does not drip onto surface of pudding. I used the lid of my tupperware dish to cover pudding, placing over wok lid – closing well, steaming and topping up with water as necessary.
I don’t have a sweet tooth so I never make extra caramel sauce.


200 g (250 ml) sago
1 liter of milk
2 vanilla (can be replaced with 5 ml vanilla)
1 cinnamon stick (or up to 10 sticks to taste) or 2 rolls
100 g (110 ml) butter

Place a large plate over surface and invert pudding to remove.

150 g (190 ml) sugar 
80 ml water or as needed

120 ml milk
125 ml cream
4 egg yolks, large
2 eggs, large
5 ml vanilla essence
75 g (95 ml) sugar

I used a double layer all in one cake pan. If you use a standard loaf sized pan it will come to just about over-flowing so you will need to eat the balance.

Method: 1

Prepare the sago:
Cold soak refrigerated overnight at best or at least 2 hours in warmed milk on counter or until “completely transparent”. Scrape seeds from vanilla pod and add to sago together with cinnamon stick/s or 2 rolls and butter.Cook on high 8 minutes in 1000 watt microwave or on stove top until sago is “completely transparent”. Remove from heat. Allow cooling. Remove all cinnamon sticks.

Prepare caramel:

Preheat oven to 160 ° C.Dissolve sugar thoroughly in 80 ml water and only once it has completely dissolved, bring it to boil. The minute it starts changing colour, take care not to allow it to change too quickly as it can burn in the wink of an eye.. so take your time. Have your extra 80 ml cold water on hand to pour over and take the temperature down if it looks like it’s turning color too fast and continue to boil lowering and raising the heat until it is a lovely golden brown and tastes like caramel. Allow caramel to cool in pot making sure it is not thick but just on the syrupy runny 
side as caramel sauce should be. Grease a 15 x 10 cm large 
bread pan with butter or spray with a non-stick cooking spray. Pour caramel sauce into bread tin and set aside.

Continue preparing of custard:
Bring milk and cream in a clean pot to boil. Beat egg yolks, eggs, vanilla and 75 g sugar until light and fluffy with electric beater. Beat extremely well! Pour on hot milk all whilst continuously beating – beat very well to cook and thicken the eggs. Pour entire mixture through a sieve (optional) and stir egg mixture into sago mixture blending in well with spoon or spatula. Pour sago mixture over back of spoon or spatula into loaf pan containing caramel sauce. Place pan into a baking dish and fill dish 
halfway with warm water so that water comes halfway up sidesof bread tin. Cover with foil or suitable cover so that water or steam can run off and not into your pudding. Bake pudding bain marie (in hot water bath) 50-60 minutes or until set like jelly, wobbly and just giggly but must be set in the center – If you place your finger gently around the the outer edges of pudding you should be able to pull it slightly away from the walls of the tin. Remove from oven, cool and refrigerate until 
completely set overnight.

To serve: Carefully run a very thin spatula or knife around the outer edges of tin to loosen sides. Find a suitable container and place over the bread tin and very quickly invert / flip over turning the whole thing upside down and turn out. Serve and Enjoy!😉

Method 2:

Make Caramel Sauce: Weigh the sugar into the pan 

followed by the 80 ml water and stir over low heat until thoroughly dissolved. Bring to a rolling boil whilst stirring 
briskly until you notice it turning a deep rich golden brown. 
From here on continue whilst constantly lowering and raising 
the heat until a deep rich brown. Watch it carefully as from this 
point it can burn in a flash and in this case you will have to 
start all over from scratch. Quickly before it burns pour in the cold water whilst stirring briskly. Grease a large bread pan and pour in the caramel sauce. Set aside.

Prepare the custard: Place your bowl of sago mixture onto 
scale and weigh in the butter. Stir to melt. Remove the 
cinnamon sticks / rolls and vanilla seeds. Set aside.
To a micro-safe container placed on scale weigh in the milk. 
Bring to boil in microwave oven or on stove.
To another container break in your eggs and weigh in the 
sugar. Beat until smooth.
Bring milk to a rolling boil in micro-safe pot and pour over the eggs and sugar whilst beating constantly with electric whisk 
until a smooth cream. Stir custard mixture into sago blending 
in well or pour custard mixture through sieve if you are using 
the 6 eggs. Remove cinnamon sticks and weigh in your cream, adding grated nutmeg and vanilla essence to taste if not using 
a vanilla pod and set aside.

Preheat oven to 160°C or bring water to a gentle boil if you 
are going to bake on stove-top. 
If baking in oven: Fill a pan with water and place bread pan, covered with foil in hot water bath.
If you are using a wok or pot over stove-top to bake pudding: In the bottom of a pot or wok place a trivet or metal rack. Add some water just to reach the surface of rack or trivet 
to create a hot water bath and heat up.
Empty pudding mixture into large metal double layer cake or bread pan. Place in hot water bath in oven, pot on stove-top or electric wok with water to come halfway up sides of pan. Cover pan with foil and close pot or wok with lid and bake 50 – 60 minutes or until set like jelly. Remove. Set aside to cool. Refrigerate until set. Turn out carefully by placing a large plate over surface and inverting to remove. Serve and Enjoy! ;)

Recipe has been adapted from Sarie Magazine South Africa
First soak the sago together with vanilla seeds scraped from vanilla pod into milk (discard the pod or add it to flavor sugar bowl) Add cinnamon sticks to milk and gently bring boil on 
and off, whilst steeping in between for 2 hours or until sago is 
soft and completely transparent. Stir in butter and Remove 
cinnamon sticks before use.

Sago crème caramel by Herman Lensing.