Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Best Ever Cabbage Bredie! – A delicious Beetham Family Stew that all the little 5 Beethams grew grew up on including myself!

Delish for both summer and winter too!😉

Fell asleep! Meat got a bit stringy but still delish as always!
To avoid cooking oils and GMO’s.. You may omit the oil and replace with chicken schmaltz or what ever you prefer. Stock or soup powder (optional) may replace your own natural gelatinized chicken stock.
Mutton is preferable to lamb as it has more flavor, is less inclined to fall apart and become stringy during the long slow cooking process.
Use a very low heat and simmer gently. Remember the faster you cook the your meat the more meat shrinkage you are going to have not to mention flavor loss.
Cooking times for lamb: 2 – 2.30 hours
Cooking times for mutton: 5 hours
If using wine you may heat and dissolve your stock or bouillon cubes in it.
If pressure cooking lamb: Pressure cook 30 minutes on 1st simmer ring (low pressure).
I have a rule of thumb: In making stews or bredies I always or at least mostly use an equal amount in weight of cabbage to meat. Usually I do the same for potatoes.
This dish may be cooked with beef but I far prefer it firstly with mutton followed by lamb which is the way we all had it growing up.🙂

1 kg stewing lamb or mutton
30 ml (half and half) mixture of butter and oil
2 large onions (3 medium), sliced
1 clove garlic, crushed or to taste
10 ml salt
Sprinkling black pepper, freshly ground – just a sprinkling
1 (bouillon) beef stock cube to taste
1 cup white wine, dry or extra dry
500 g potatoes, sliced or halved or however you prefer
1 whole cabbage (as large as you wish), chopped or shredded
Maggie Fondor or Aromat seasoning to taste
Sprinkling garlic salt to taste
Sprinkling onion salt to taste
Sprinkling celery salt to taste
1 packet brown onion soup powder or todays best pick is Royco beef and onion (optional)
250 ml (1 cup) chopped celery
1 – 2 small carrots, diced or grated (Optional)
5 ml dill (Optional)
Sprinkling nutmeg, freshly grated or to taste (Optional)

To Serve:
100 g rice per person

Heat butter – oil mixture in a large saucepan and saute onions and garlic until translucent. Add meat and brown quickly.
Add your seasonings to taste a little at a time, together with stock and simmer covered until meat begins to get tender.
Add potatoes, cabbage, celery and dill (optional) – Simmer for an hour or until almost done.
Add freshly grated nutmeg to taste (optional).
Sprinkle over brown onion or beef and onion soup powder (optional) follow package instructions.
Adjust seasonings and Serve with fluffy white, steamed rice.


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