Sunday, 9 October 2016

Household Remedies For Rats, Cockroaches and to drive away moles

Remedy for Rats: Winter is arriving in the northern hemisphere and the rats are getting into roofs. Here's a non toxic safe recipe to use around pets that won't poison them or our owls that prey on rats. Save the owl population that is in decline because of supermarkets selling finale in South Africa which should be banned!

Remedy 1:
How to Make Rat Poison. The old fashioned poison that is safe, cheap and easy to make, is to mix equal parts corn meal and plaster of paris and place it in the rat holes.
The plaster of paris hardens in the stomach of the rat causing death and trust me this one always works.

Remedy 2:
1 cup of flour 1 cup of sugar 1 cup of baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda) Mix together and place in small bowls where you notice rodent traffic. (This is the one I use which I place in black polystyrene trays "the ones your meat comes in") Says it's safe around household pets.(The bicarb will react with stomach acid and produce carbon dioxide gas, obviously in excess to create the swelling. Apparently, most of these vermin and creatures cannot pass wind, hence the internal combustion)

Remedy for Roaches: Mix boric acid (obtainable from chemist) with sugar (I mix half & half) on a black polystyrene trays and slip it under my fridge and freezer. Within 3 days they are gone!

Remedy for Moles: If you have moles digging up your lawn if you want to drive them to your neighbors. You have dogs ? Put a glove or plastic bag over your hand and push their poops into the moles holes. I don't bother with moles but it worked for a friend of mine who used to do it.

Warning: Just keep boric acid away from children & pets to be safe.

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