Thursday, 30 March 2017

Bully Beef Cottage Pie! Corned Beef! Canned or Fresh Salt Beef! An Absolute Winner! Out of this world! Drop Dead Delish! You Will Come Back For 2nds 3rds and More! Enjoy!

Bully Beef Cottage Pie is an absolute Winner!  Do not use South African Tinned Corned / Bully Beef – Use freshly pickled corned beef! Unless you have a quality product in your country. Sadly South African products are no longer what they used to be. See my Recipe to make it from scratch using Freshly Pickled / Corned Beef    –   Serves: 6

You will come back for 2nd’s, 3rd’s and even a 4th helping – Because why ? It is totally addictive! 😉
It cannot get better than this! Any left over’s may be served for breakfast together with a poached egg.

South Africans Be warned!! I have tried all the tinned corned beef / bully Beef brands and they were all not what they used to be!!!!!! I was totally disappointed that I can no longer make my favorite recipe which I have been making for many years! So I have created it from scratch and it is DROP DEAD DELISH! – You won’t be disappointed! – See Fresh Corned Beef Cottage Pie Recipe here 😉
For those outside of South Africa, use a total weight of 1kg in stir fried vegetables to 4 tins of bully beef (corned beef) or a 1kg frozen bag of “I & J stir-fried veggies” consisting of same. If not available, make it up from scratch.
X 4 tins with a weight of 300 grams each, of “Bull Brand” Corned Meat / Bully Beef
6 medium onions chopped / diced (Fry 4 with Bully Beef. Add 2 to stir-fry)
4 med to large carrots, julienned / diagonally diced Chinese style
½ -1/3rd of a large cabbage, shredded
1 small – medium tomato, diced
2-3 Very large handfuls of green beans, julienned / diagonally diced Chinese style
3 – 4 Baby marrows / patty pans, julienned Chinese style
2-3 sweet red peppers diced

If you don’t have all the above cupboard store ingredients, you may successfully make this with the below basic stir-fry mixture, i.e.; Shredded Cabbage, green beans, carrots and 2 onions
Green beans
6-7 large potatoes, peeled, steamed / boiled till mushy soft
Hot milk (about 1 – 1 & ½ cups)
A very generous pinch Baking powder
Sprinkling nutmeg & white pepper to taste
Grated Melba toast
Grated cheddar / parmesan cheese / both – OR – whichever you prefer
If lazy boned, you may just beat up 3 eggs and brush them over your mashed potato topping to allow for browning…. Something I personally have never done. I always go with the impressive cheese crumb topping  😉

Cook potatoes till tender soft. Add a generous pinch baking powder & mash with 1 – 1 & ¼ cup very hot milk together with about 50 g butter, adding salt, a sprinkling nutmeg & white pepper to taste.
Fry 4 onions till almost translucent. Add bully beef & fry whilst mashing all together with potato masher. Cook till done & a lot of the moisture evaporated stirring all the time. Watch carefully! Do not allow to burn! (Remember the thicker it is the better your pie is going to set .. “You don’t want a runny sloshy pie” ;)). Season with a little salt if required. Set Aside.
Turn up heat to highest point & add 1 whole packet stir-fry veggies. Keep stir-frying till done but still slight bit on the firm side.
If not using bought frozen bag follow below instructions….
Method for making own stir-fry veggies from scratch….
Stir-fry veggies in the following order (If not using the bought version), starting with the 2 diced onions followed by carrots, stir-frying until crisp adding balance of ingredients. Season with salt & some white pepper to taste. Weigh 1kg of your stir-fry vegetables and set aside (Any left over’s  … freeze the rest).

In the lid of a roasting pan put a layer of mash followed by a layer of vegetables, topped with a layer of bully beef followed by mash, vegetables & bully beef. Top with the last 3rd of the mash. Grate / put through food processor Melba toast till forms crumbs. Mix crumbs with cheese & sprinkle over top & bake in oven 180 deg C till done & crisp around edges. You may further brown topping under grill till golden. Allow to sit a while & then serve whilst still hot with a green salad on the side.
This one is made from fresh corned beef and is totally out of this world! It cannot be bettered! Try the tinned version in the UK it should be good.This one is made from fresh corned beef and is totally out of this world! It cannot be bettered! Try the tinned version in the UK it should be good.My original recipe I scribbled out from a friend in 1997
My original recipe I scribbled out from a friend in 1997