Thursday, 6 April 2017

Chicken Kofta Meatballs or Hamburger Patties Totally Drop Dead Delish! GMO & Egg Free!

You may also wrap in puff pastry for sausage rolls or use as your meat filling in your Yorkshire pudding batter – Totally Divine! 😉

MAKES: 22 meatballs or 11 hamburger patties

I prefer not to brown them because they will then be over cooked. Will make the most delish sausage rolls wrapped in puff pastry!

I used a 1 kg package of brined chicken breast fillets. These are tender, juicy and succulent. Just don't overcook them. See my drained weight below under ingredients.
I shallow fry mine in leftover chicken fat and stock from grilled chicken thighs which I grill on a rack inside my wok covered with halogen oven head placed onto it’s extender ring which is a perfect fit for a 5 liter electric wok 😉
Serve with Tzatziki Garlicky Cucumber Yogurt on soft hamburger buns – Totally delish!
The bonus is once you have finished shallow frying your meat balls or patties – you will have an extra flavor boost added to the remnants of your chicken fat and stock. Toss in some par cooked or steamed potatoes and you have a meal in itself. Soo delish and full of chicken flavor that you will eat the whole pot! Or use to roast your veggies in and or to add flavor to salad rolls and sandwiches.

798 g chicken breasts, drained from brine 
32 g ginger, peeled
7 garlic cloves (32 g), peeled
1 onion (medium), chopped
1 cayenne red chili (whole with seeds)
1 bunch spring onions, roughly chopped
8 g (22.5 ml) coriander – whole seeds
16 g (30 ml) cumin seeds – whole seeds
1.25 ml black peppercorns, freshly ground
8 g salt (5 ml) to taste
parsley – just a sprinkling or freshly coriander

If using brined chicken, place to drain covered in sieve or colander.
To a food processor bowl with metal blade on, placed onto kitchen scale, weigh in your ginger (placed first into bottom of food processor bowl) followed by whole garlic cloves, roughly chopped onion and whole cayenne pepper. Whizz until finely chopped.
Remove minced veggies with a spatula from food processor to a mixing bowl.
Add chopped raw chicken fillets to food processor bowl and whizz until finely minced.
Add minced chicken to your onion mixture.
Place whole seeds (coriander, cumin peppercorns and coarse salt if using coarse) to coffee grinder and grind to a fairly coarse powder or to your liking.
Mix spices together with salt and parsley into onion meat mixture and make into meatballs or patties.
Shallow fry at moderate temperature in wok or saucepan. I usually just leave the lid on and allow the top surface to steam without even turning them over as they cook fairly quickly taking about 5 – 8 minutes. You will know they are cooked as when pressed gently with a finger they will feel bouncy 😉 Remove from pan. Set aside.

I absolutely love these! These are nice and moist because they were brined

Enjoy! 🙂

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