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SLOW ROASTED MUTTON LEG or CHOPS – Absolutely Drop Dead Delish! GMO, PRESERVATIVE AND GLUTEN FREE! No Heartburn after eating this Roast! Including recipe gluten free cheese sauce and gravy!

Goodbye to acid reflux with this delicious Roast! All ingredients are 100% natural, without any added oil and roast potatoes deliciously crisp!

Servings: 4 – 5
Mutton Servings: I always work on 300 g per person when serving mutton on bone.
An electric 5 liter wok with a self-regulating temperature is what I always use for all my cooking. I never use a stove top. It browns, roasts and it will bake too, if you have a halogen oven with an extender ring to place / fit over upper inner side lip of wok, covered / fitted the halogen ovens element head where you may then bake / roast / brown / grill. I wouldn’t recommend roasting any type of meats in glassware as it will not caramelize and brown your meats in the way you get with metal. Your electric wok makes the best slow cooker you could ever wish for!
Rule number 1: Get to know your temperature and your water measure to add and you won’t have a problem at all – cooking this overnight at a low temperature and when you get home from work all you will need do, is prepare your veggies, roast potatoes and gravy ๐Ÿ˜‰
You may use a whole leg of mutton or any other large mutton chops
Mutton kidney fat usually comes with a kidney (I add that as well) but if you can get sheep tail fat that is even better, however I couldn’t so I used the kidney fat which is also a good alternative and will do perfectly fine ๐Ÿ˜‰
In Place of Mutton Stock: If you use a delicious Homemade easy peasy gelatinized chicken stock, you will get a lovely deep rich brown gravy – Which is what I prefer but I had non left, so I used up my mutton stock in this dish (which I had saved) which too, is also absolutely delish. However, when you stir in some of your cheese sauce to thicken it, it will lighten the colour.
I’ve always loved mixing my cheese in with my gravy on my plate. I feel they compliment each other very well ๐Ÿ˜‰
Mutton Fat is necessary for your roast potatoes as it is a hard fat and you will have lovely crispy roast potatoes. However Beef / Pork fat will give you the same results but not chicken schmaltz / fat as it is a soft fat but very lovely if you like soft roasted potatoes together with a little bit of homemade natural chicken stock added to boost their flavour and colour but that’s entirely up to your mood ๐Ÿ˜‰
Total Weight of my meat with added fat: 1.748 kg
Cheese Sauce Note: The more bendable your cheese or the softer it is, the more butter fat the manufacturer has added to it and you must then take this into account when adding the butter. The harder the cheese, the less butter fat it has. Butter is cheaper than cheese and manufacturers love to up their profits by adding it. If you melt your cheese you will see the percentage of butter pouring out. If you make my cream or cottage cheese, you won’t see any butter in there, unless you put it in ๐Ÿ˜‰

1.330 kg mutton leg chops
416 g mutton kidney fat

117 g rice
350 g water
586 g hot milk
204 g cheddar cheese
salt to taste
34 g butter or to taste

14 g (15 ml) chicken schmaltz or fat
1 onion, medium
208 g mutton stock or Homemade easy peasy gelatinized chicken stock
110 g cheese sauce (Taken from given recipe after making up)
Mushrooms (Optional) – I never added them but they will be lovely as this is a homemade 100 % natural gravy. However don’t try this with a bought gravy powder or based version – It will not taste good at all! It must be the homemade version.

6 carrots
1 and two-thirds (1 + 2/3rd), heads of broccoli
250 ml peas (I used frozen)

Before you go to bed or first thing when you wake in the morning:Add your fat to a heavy bottomed saucepan or an electric wok which will act as a slow cooker so that you may brown it in its own rendered fats once the meat has fallen clean off the bones.
Place your meat on top of your fat which will act as a cushion and will help with the rendering of this fat as this is what will keep your roast meat juicy, tender and moist.
Add 1 cup or a soup bowl of water. Close lid and cook on number 2 if using an electric wok with self-regulating temperature – or if at home during the day then you may cook just a wee notch past the number 2 mark but keep an eye on it that it does not dry out or burn – I never needed to add any more water than a soup mug or bowl, but I put my meat on whilst still frozen which you too may do too.
If using a stove top – Place a simmer ring under a heavy bottomed saucepan or you may even remove your metal waffle plates from your waffle machine and use that, especially if cooking over a gas flame. You don’t want it to burn your meat. You want it on a very low temperature so that it gently bubbles, on and off, gently simmering all night or all day. This is going to bring out the best flavours and that’s a promise ๐Ÿ˜‰
Add NOTHING to your meat but salt to taste – however take into account the salt you will be adding to your other ingredients as there will be salt in your gravy too.
Mutton will take about 6 – 8 hours to cook depending on which cut you use as some cuts take longer to cook than others.
Add just enough water – a cupful but no more than a soup bowl – but remember when your meat is slipping clean off the bones, your water must’ve evaporated and you will then hear it gently sizzling in its own fats. Gently and still on a very low heat – you must turn it with a non-metal spatula to allow browning in its own rendered gravy and stock.
If you happen to put too much water and meat is slipping off bones:Gently, with a non-metal spatula, remove meat and set aside. Reduce liquids until all the water has evaporated. Put back meat and gently turn to brown in its own juices and fats.
Once done, gently lift meat out, draining it as you do so and place it into a serving dish. Cover and set aside.
Keep the stock and fats in your saucepan warm and whilst still warm before it sets, pour it out into a suitable container with lid to refrigerate, but if you are short on natural hard fats for your roast potatoes and meat stock for your gravy; to speed things up – place your meat stock together with its fat into one tub, uncovered, into coldest part of freezer to set. The stock will fall to the bottom with the fat rising to top.
In microwave steamer or pot, steam rice in sufficient water to cover until mushy soft but still full of moisture. Do not allow to dry out.
Cream rice with a hand-held stick or an immersion blender or you may puree it in your food processor with metal blade on if you wish.
Add your creamed rice to your saucepan and stir in your hot milk, butter together with seasonings to taste. Cream again to smooth out. Turn off heat and stir in or cream in your cheese with your immersion or hand-held stick blender. Set aside to keep warm.
In a microwave steamer, covered until tender. Allow to cool and slices like butter ๐Ÿ˜‰
In microwave steamer, covered until fork tender but not overcooked.
30 seconds or just until defrosted but warmed through.
To a saucepan or wok, add 14 g or 1 tablespoon chicken schmaltz or fat, followed by your chopped onion and saute until tender and browned.
Add your mutton / gelatinized chicken stock and continue to brown and caramelize your onions. Do not burn.
When satisfied, stir in 110 g of your cheese sauce to thicken as for consistency of gravies, adding a little water as needed.
Season with salt to taste and continue to stir, adding a little water until desired gravy consistency is reached.
Serve and Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Source: This is my own creation.

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