Friday, 7 October 2016

Roasted Chicken pieces with succulent veggies consisting of steamed sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and rice.

This dish is soo delish quick ‘n easy that I’ve made it 4 nights in a row !! 😉

Makes a lovely quick and easy supper dish. The dish is not rich at all but just absolutely divine!


Chicken thighs are best for this dish.

Sweet Potatoes are absolutely delish dipped into the roasting juices of your crispy chicken. So what ever you do DO NOT LOSE THE JUICES !! I just eyeball the ingredients, adding all to my own taste.

Very healthy, non rich, tasty and delish served simply in a bowl with sweet potatoes to mop up the juices.

The below are just estimates. You may vary your quantities according to taste.

What ever you do, do NOT get salt near your green beans or potatoes until they are thoroughly softened or texture will be spoiled and they will stay hard !!

Scrub or wash potatoes well. Never peel them. It destroys a lot of their good nutrients which lie just beneath the skin and your colon will thank you for the fiber!

Quick to just steam onion whole in skin. Allow to sweat in sealed container on cooling down, makes it easy to peel off skin. Just remove root end and skin followed by snipping top section off with scissors. Onion pops out of skin so easily if done this way, does not burn the eyes and retains its sweetness.

Chicken must be grilled alone on its own. Do not add any veggies to chicken whilst roasting as it will draw in moisture and not crisp up. If you want to roast your veggies then you may pre-steam them 1st, followed by roasting or grilling them separately.


1.1 kg Chicken pieces, skin on (bone in)

5 ml cayenne pepper or to taste

salt to taste

1 (67 g) lime, whole (zest & juice) lemon if unavailable to taste

400 g carrots, peeled

1.5 kg sweet potatoes, whole (skin on)

200 g green beans, fresh (whole)

1 onion, large (unpeeled)

300 g Rice (Optional) or 100 g per serving


Pop chicken pieces under grill in metal container to catch juices and fats. Sprinkle with salt and cayenne pepper to taste. Grill both sides until lovely and crisp. Sprinkle a bit more salt and cayenne pepper on the other side when you turn chicken pieces over.

Add all the juice & zest of 1 lime when chicken is done and with knife and fork, remove bones and dice it up in all its lovely juices. Set aside.

I just empty Rice into microwave steamer followed by adding whole peeled carrots, 1 large onion (skin on, whole) with 2 sweet potatoes on top. Add just enough water to just cover rice.

Pop sealed container into 1000 watt microwave for 30 mins and steam.

Remove and add green beans (I just snip them in on the top with scissors. Close lid and cook a further 8 mins or just until green beans are cooked through.

Once complete remove onion skin, remove bones from chicken, discard and dice up meat, onions and all veggies (Far easier to dice once all have all been steamed). Mix rice together with chicken, it’s juices and veggies.

Serve and Enjoy!😉

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