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How to use an Electric Wok or Frying Pan combined with Halogen or FlavorWave Oven. Create a Mini or Pizza Oven using both top and bottom elements together

I use it over both my 5 liter electric Wok and round electric frying pan, covered with the extender ring, over which I fit the element head of my halogen oven, so that I have the benefit of both upper and bottom elements. The assisted fan of the halogen oven, stirs around the heat for even cooking, baking and browning. I even bake cheesecakes this way, However I bake it over a hot water bath and same for my Creme Caramel Rice and Sago Pudding -  Just place the lower rack which comes with your halogen oven, into the bottom of your wok. Fill up with water just reaching your rack and place baking pan onto rack – creating a hot water bath and whalla now you can bake in your wok!
Rice pud in a wok: – I baked this in an all in 1 cake pan – It’s a double layer cake pan where you have to slice the cake into 2 halves once baked but don’t us a springform pan as it will leak!
In my wok I make soups, casseroles, cottage pies, pot roasts, lasagnas and moussakas etc. In the 10 liter glass bowl of the halogen oven, I make my Melba toast and Greek yogurt, cream / cottage cheese.
Since I have been doing so – I have never gone back to using a roasting pan, slow cooker, hob, pots or a pans ever again. With the exception of my round electric frying pan. Your wok is the best slow cooker you can wish for. It has its own self-regulating temperature and therefore will not burn your food unless you allow it to dry out. Because it is made of metal, it is a far better conductor of heat than glass and it will brown your meat and give far better flavour to your food than a slow cooker – Try browning meat in glassware, ceramic or porcelain.
When I use my wok as a slow cooker, I just turn the temperature (Kambrook Wok) down to around 2.
Make sure, if you do purchase, that preferably you do it at the same store and that they both fit together and are round.
How I make Melba toast from a whole loaf of bread all at once in the Halogen oven:
Use both top and bottom racks that come with your Hologen Oven to keep bread out of moisture, make sure they criss-cross one another as moisture will collect on floor. Once all moisture has evaporated from bowl, Your Melba Toast is done. I just leave mine in the bowl, covered to use as needed.
I usually keep my setting here or around three-quarters of the way between the “Thaw Wash and 125 C setting.”
Using a whole loaf of sliced bread, within about 20 – 30 minutes, if you slot it into the higher metal rack which comes with your halogen oven (inside your glass bowl) and not touching the floor but resting on your lower rack to keep the moisture away. You will then always have Melba toast ready for breakfast. You may then use your bowl to store your Melba Toast, without the need to remove it. To refresh, all you need do is just instantly reheat it, without having to change ship 
Cotpie Tip: Toss broken bits of Melba toast into your food processor, crumb and mix with grated cheese for a crumbled cheese topping to your cottage pies and lasagnes etc.
This is lard I saved from braising fatty pork chops which I just tipped out of the wok and refrigerated. In this picture I used it up for cooking the late granny Sybils leg of venison with pepper sauce of which she was well-known for (I have it posted on my blog). It’s a dry meat so any fat will do.
Gelatinized Chicken Stock with Fat (Schmaltz): I store all my chicken stock and fat in my empty chicken liver tubs. Chicken stock always sinks to bottom of tub whilst fat rises to the top. I dipped this tub in hot water and inverted it, to remove its contents.
Place chicken thighs in your wok onto the halogen oven’s lower rack, positioned inside your wok and then just tip out all you lovely chicken stock and schmaltzcaught in bottom of you wok, into tubs which you may refrigerate – I have never needed to buy cooking oil again. I just buy more chicken thighs and if I have too much, I switch back to chicken tender of fillets. You get the idea 
Don’t forget the golden rule: The most delish fat and golden brown chicken stock comes from grilling chicken thighs. You may also do this with fatty pork cuts or any other fatty meat cuts because there is a lot of good fat in meats. There is really no need to buy cooking oils at all! 
The most beautiful pizzas are made just like bought, in an electric frying pan – covered with the halogen oven’s element head, placed onto its extender ring positioned over it. In this way, it doubles up to make the most excellent pizza oven!
If you would like to bake or steam in your wok: Pour a little water into bottom of wok. Place your round lower metal rack which comes with halogen oven, into the bottom of your wok with your cake pan resting on top of it. You may cover your pan with a large upturned dinner plate – which is what I always do just to be safe. However your wok lid is sloped – so that the water (steam) does not drip directly onto your food.
If you need both upper and bottom element to dry bake (not steam) then cover your baking just with your halogen oven head placed onto its metal extender ring. I tend to worry about my element so I just put a little water in the bottom. I just don’t know why…
If you are just steaming – use your halogen oven’s extender ring over your electric pan or wok, without the element head and just cover it with the lid of your wok.
If I am steaming or baking a pudding or a cake: I always (just to be safe) cover my baking with an upturned dinner plate – So if any steam drips onto it, it will run off.
You may also cover your baking with an identical pan inverted, within your wok – positioning it over the existing one containing the contents you are baking.
See how this lady uses hers for making her beautiful Yorkshire Puddings And if you would like mine, then please click here.
Happy baking! 

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